Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Lumia 920

In the world of mobile communications, these days are obviously all about the iPhone 5 appearance , and this phone is praised from the Apple product lovers, and equally criticized from those who prefer the Samsung, or the Galaxy S3 to be more specific which is the iPhone 5 main competition. However, secretly and with a low profile a new Nokia model is waiting for it’s five minutes of glory, by the name of Nokia Lumia 920 and we do not find it impossible that this phone will steal all the attention when it appears on the market.


The iPhone 5 is presented

After a long anticipation of the newest and most wanted Apple device, finally, with great journalist attention, the iPhone 5 was presented and released. With a bit of “delaying”, Apple’s company director Tim Cook spoke about the company’s successes in the past period, and then the Apple’s Marketing executive director Phil Schiller stepped on stage and revealed the flashpoint of the conference, the Apple iPhone 5 is presented. (more…)

Sony Xperia Tipo review

This Sony Xperia Tipo review, should present a new model from the Sony company and their first affordable Android device. We say first, because this Japanese company announced the production of great number of similar class phones by the middle of 2013. This announcement, we must admit, pleased us quite a lot because this company “bombed” the market with quite a few new Xperia phones, but all were upper class phones and great deal potential customers that prefer low-cost phones, did not or could not buy some of those more expensive phones. Our opinion is that the Sony company chose a clever timing of this move, because their South Korean competition, the Samsung company (a company with a big arsenal of cheaper Android phones), is too busy with the US Apple company ongoing lawsuit.


The war between Apple and Samsung goes on!

We all thought it was the end of the war between Apple and Samsung when a court in California brought a verdict that the South Korean Samsung company is guilty of intellectual property and patent stealing from the America’s wealthiest Apple company. The verdict obliged Samsung to pay an astronomic 1.05 billion fine to the Apple company. According to some rumors, Samsung did pay the fine but it was “spiced” with a high dose of manager humor. They paid the fine in COINS. Actually they paid the fine with a 35 truck load of coins! True or not, the war between Apple and Samsung goes on, because a week ago Apple sued Samsung again, demanding the South Korean company to withdraw 22 phone models, mostly the Galaxy series from the US market.


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