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Today Corning Gorilla Glass display protection is the indispensable part of every quality smartphone or tablet, but it wasn’t always like this. The appearance of Apple-s iPhone gave one New York based company a great boost, and financial power that sky-rocketed this company. We suppose that this company didn’t expect an business expansion and development at this scale, but the resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display is built in over a billion devices today. (more…)

Samsung has broken all sales records

While some world famous companies like Nokia or HTC that was, until yesterday, innovation and sales leaders struggle hard with great financial losses, Samsung unveiled that its expecting the confirmed “calculations” that it broke all records in the last quarter of 2012 when speaking of profit. Samsung claims that thanks to its high quality TV devices, but also the highly successful Galaxy smartphones brought a staggering 7.3 billion dollars of profit (yes, you read that right, billion) which is almost the double of the last year’s same period reported profit.


A crown for the king!


Galaxy S4 with a 13MP camera?

While the mobile technology fans are still thrilled with the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S3 performances, the phone that still keeps the attention of world-wide phone users, there have been some information that the South Korean Samsung company is already developing its new high end phone, the Galaxy S4 the inheritor of the fantastic Galaxy S3. The appearance of the new Galaxy S4 (according to some rumors) is scheduled for the MVC 2013, and although there is not much information about this phone, which from the business strategy point of view is quite logical, some leaked information suggest that the Galaxy S4 will be equipped with a 13MP camera. (more…)

Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini is presented

A phone that has been long anticipated by many phone users, has been introduced in Germany. The Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini is presented as a real “treat” for good quality, mid range Android phone lovers. As it name suggests, this model is the youngest of the Galaxy S3 family, yes, the Galaxy I9300 S3 phone that due to its quality, design and innovative technical solutions made a world wide fame and its considered as one of the greatest phones of today’s market. The Galaxy S3 Mini has almost all of the advantages of its older cousin, only wrapped in smaller size. Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini is presented with a 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with WVGA resolution. The dimensions of this phone suggest that it’s a mid size phone which we find as a quite positive fact, because the huge dimension of today’s popular phones seem to “chase away” a great number of users that find them impractical to carry. Whatever happened with the times when you could slip your phone in your jeans pocket… (more…)

Sony Xperia Miro is a high performance phone

As a person whose job is tightly related to the world of mobile telecommunications devices, I often have the opportunity (and obligation) to surf the web, and be informed of all the developments and latest news in the mobile phone market. In the past few days all the relevant web pages deal with one particular phone, and I couldn’t resist not to be more interested with a phone that raised so much attention with its appearance on the market. Sony Xperia Miro is a high performance phone (as it was rated by the forums worldwide), so i took this device in my hand, and decided to see what is it all about, and here is our detailed review.


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