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Apple going down without Steve Jobs??

A few days ago, one of the most relevant page when it comes to mobile technology opened a few questions to vote about to its visitors. Does Apple, after the death of its founder Steve Jobs, has a chance to survive in the mobile phone market, or is on a downhill that will eventually lead to the collapse of the company. The results show that out of almost 3000 people who participated in the survey, 69.72% thinks that Apple will “sink”, and that Steve Jobs was the brains and engine that built and ran the Apple empire. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – remarkable sale results

We wrote about Samsungs business successes on several occasions and a recent report confirmed that this company is taking over the market step by step, product by product. This South Korean company strengthens its leadership every day, and the latest release of the company, their “phablet” Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been sold in over 5 million units in just two months.


In our business, which is related to the sale of mobile phones, we often get questions like “Will my phone be survive if dropped?”, or “how tough is this phone?”. Our company, always advises our customers to follow the instructions that actually come from the manufacturer,and that will ensure the optimal performance of each phone. People with enough time and financial resources could do the same test that we will present, however, we feel that it’s cheaper this way. Smart people learn from others’ mistakes and experience, and we sincerely do not recommend these experiments.


Nokia Lumia 920 features great performances, but it is also a really tough phone


There is no need for much talk about Sony’s productivity when mobile phone developing is in question. Since their Sony Ericsson split, this company managed to reclaim and improve their image of a top mobile phone production company, with a great number of high quality devices produced, but also a great number of satisfied customers worldwide. Sony did not had to wait for long to place itself among the world’s leading mobile device producing companies like Samsung or Apple, and released a statement that they are working on a competitive phone for the high end Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5.


Sony makes a statement that should concern the competition


Apple iPad 4 for 200$??? Hardly possible…

There is no easy gain says an old saying, and these days we witnessed that this phrase never gets old. A woman from the US learned her lesson the hard way, when a stranger approached her on Texas gas station and offered her unbelievably cheap laptops and a Apple iPad 4. At the moment the woman was convinced that she is making the “deal of the century” by paying 200 $ for a 800$ dollar product (this is the regular price of an Apple iPad 4 in America).


At first, the whole deal seemed legit..


Android rules the world

The share of Android operating system on mobile phones has increased worldwide, and continues to grow as the most popular operating system. This would be the shortest formulation of a research by British analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s. ll


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