Monthly Archives: January 2013

This news is equally funny and concerning. When you are lady aged 66 years and you live in a small town called Mezhdurechensk somewhere in the depths of Russia, it’s not impossible that you missed the last 6 years, of the evolution of mobile phone technology. This is not something to be condemned about considering the fast development of mobile technology. (more…)

Google glasses, welcome to the future

Google has always been an innovator, and it’s one of the reasons that enabled the company to be one of the most powerful companies on the planet. The fact that Google is one of the leaders in the research and development of advanced technologies, re-emerged a few days ago, when one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin , a billionaire, was pictured in the New York subway. To put aside the absolutely atypical billionaire’s behavior in the form of a New York’s subway ride, Sergey was photographed with Google Glasses, welcome to the future. Google glasses were introduced in April 2012, mentioned several times in public, but until now it was considered only as a concept of a the future development of mobile telecommunication technologies.



Xperia Z phone that we all look forward to

As expected, like in the past year, in 2013 Sony will have a serious impact on the creation of the mobile handset market profile. This thought is supported by the announced Xperia Z ( Expected release is in March 2013). According to the available information, Sony will introduce the world to its new flagship product that will be equipped with a powerful quad-core 1.5GHz processor, a display of 5 inches, a 13.1MP camera, and all of this will be ” reinforced” with the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software version out of the box. It is announced, that this phone will have IP 57 certified resistance to water and dust. (more…)

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