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Nexus 5 specs

Nexus 5

Nexus 5The news that a big company is working on a new high-end device has become part of everyday technology on the planet Earth. After introducing a new charm beauty called Samsung Galaxy S4 and announcement that Motorola is preparing a new series of smart phones under the symbol X, we received rumours that Google already working on a new project – Nexus 5. Information that reached the public indicate that Google is working on several prototypes, one of which could end up just like the Nexus 5. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 details

We all had several days free to clarify our minds from sleepless night for the premiere of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 star. Presentation ceremony ended at about 01:30 CET, and from then until the hours of now the medias are buzzing about the new smartphone. As far as first impressions, somehow got the impression that Samsung has managed to do what we thought it was just Apple capable. It is about the power to leading smartphone refresh without any desire to be a bit deeper due to it and to meet the demands of the customers. Some might say that Samsung copied in this sense company from Cupertino, but Samsung Galaxy S4 really is almost identical to its predecessor. Somebody will say that it is a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, stretched on the diagonal of 5 inches.


HTC One is the same as the iPhone 5

“HTC One is the same as the iPhone 5 “ , these were the words from many mouths when the HTC’s exclusive HTC One, was presented to the world! To be honest, there are similarities between the two phones, for example, both are made ​​of aluminum and glass. But, as far as we are concerned, this puts an end to the similarities! By holding these two smartphones in hands, the feeling he could not be more different. First of all, the difference is huge in the dimensions of these two .The dimensions of the HTC One are 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm with 143 grams of weight, while the iPhone 5 is “measured” to 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and 112 grams. It immediately becomes clear that the HTC One is approximately 15mm taller, 1 cm wider, and it is simply a much larger device with a 4.7 inch display beside which the iPhone’s 4-inch display seems like a midget! Weight was also significantly lower at the iPhone 5 which but that is quite logical due to the dimensions of the Apple’s smartphone flagship. (more…)

What does your cell phone cover say about you?

cell phone cover

How long did it take you to choose your mobile phone and what were your requirements? You probably wanted it to be smart and trendy, user friendly and highly technological. At the same time though, you might be a nostalgic of the old fashioned and very reliable ones. This could seem a little demanding, but mobile phones have become little by little a mirror of our lives: they allow us to surf on the net, take pictures in high quality (eventually turned vintage with apps like Instagram) and, did I mention it, make phone calls? All of this, everywhere. We carry our mobile phone with us 24/7, so it has sorta become an extension of our own body. That’s why we don’t want to take any risks and protect it from falling, from the sand and from the little hands of curious children buying a cell phone cover. Yet, our jewel just can’t wear any cover: it has to look cool and unique. (more…)

Top 5 selling Android phones

Top 5 selling Android phones

Are you sure you know which smartphone you wanna buy? Of course not. Not even the most experienced smartphone experts sometimes are not completely sure about their choice and you can imagine in what king of mess is a regular or potential user of smartphone devices. That’s why we wanted to tell you something about top 5 selling Android phones in a last year, year and a half. Before we start, just to inform you we haven’t take into consideration fresh and top models. They will have enogh time to shoe their potential, which is definitely very impressive. So, top 5 selling Android phones is in front of you. Let’s start from the bottom of list.


Facebook phone details

Facebook phone

Facebook phone Facebook!? Hmm… What about it? Well, this word and everything it goes with it make a good news every time it’s talked about. This time it isn’t about new page design or something simmilar, already we are talking about Facebook phone – a real one. Tremendous for some and for some not as that much. Some of us can’t make through day without taking enough Facebook daily dose. But there are others, who don’t make so much attention to this and similar news coming from Facebook. So… if we agreed that we don’t agree (about Facebook phone) we should continue. Facebook isn’t any more satisfied with tons of applications on smartphones or even with some smartphones with dedicated Facebook hardware button. The big company wants to create its own smartphone and there is no arguing about that!


iPhone 5S release date

iphone 5s

iphone 5s release date

What about iPhone 5S? When it will come? iPhone 5S rumors are here. Actually they are here all the time, but now days it seems we have first so-called confirmations about iPhone 5S release date. Most likely it will be somewhere in August, according to sources close to the company top. Of course that doesn’t have to be 100% correct, but it has some weight of course.


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