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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Some time ago dual SIM phones were being used only when it was necessary. Today the situation is quite different. These phones have more features, something like regular models. More and more single SIM phones are getting their dual SIM versions. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is just an example of this. This phone, thanks to its 5-inch screen, is somewhere in the phablet category of devices and comes with a price which is not so small. But let’s see together if it’s justified or not. (more…)

BlackBerry sold to Fairfax

It seems that BlackBerry is cursed! This company is trying over and over again to get back on track of success, but  problems still arise. After years of stagnation, RIM has unveiled a new leading phone – BlackBerry Z10. It seemed that the full touch screen style with the new BB 10 operating system will be able to change things. BlackBerry wanted to do more so a few days ago suddenly unveiled a completely new leading smartphone – Z30. However, things started to go to another direction. Following the announcement of the financial report, which indicated that the BlackBerry has a billion dollars minus, it was clear that the end is very close. (more…)

Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP holds a place in the middle class of mobile devices, which in recent years takes an expansion. However, this phone costs approximately the same as the other models in this class, but still it has borrowed some of the most advanced technologies from powerful Xperia Z. Sony Xperia SP is a step behind Xperia Z and one step ahead of the Xperia E. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Core Duos

Samsung galaxy core duos

Samsung Galaxy Core Duos is one more dual SIM device from the Galaxy family. It’s a device that in appearance is not so different from its relatives, but it hides a powerful option to use two SIM cards that can be a great benefit. Samsung Galaxy Core Duos combines two very good things. The first is a dual SIM option, and the other is that the Samsung’s devices deliver proven quality. Somehow, at first glance it seems that Samsung has done a great job by introducing this model. (more…)

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C is a phone that goes into history. The reason for this is that it’s the first budget iPhone. Apple has stubbornly refused for a long time to meet the demands of the market, but in the end the company agreed. iPhone 5C was announced along with the new iPhone 5S premium phone. This phone is for those who can not afford the iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C is a smartphone which can meet the characteristics of the current model iPhone 5S. Why is that? Because the “budget” iPhone is largely identical to the iPhone 5! iPhone 5C comes with the slogan “more fun, more colors”, as a result of offering iPhone 5C in several colors, which is really a precedent. (more…)

iPhone 5S features

Who has had the good luck to attend the event, which Apple organized a few days ago in California, was able to see two great things. The first is of course the new iPhone 5S and another one is the first cheap iPhone in the history. It is of course the iPhone 5C. Apple has for the first time in one place combined powerful 64-bit high-end device and phone that will be offered in the US with contract for 99 dollars. New iPhone 5S, as expected, got “S” because of the traditional naming schemes promoted by Apple. (more…)

LG Optimus L7 II dual

Series of devices with the designation L II is LG’s attempt to take the larger share of the market. Among them is the dual SIM version, which largely covers the mobile phone market. Some of these models have achieved considerable success, and one of those who could go the way of success is the LG Optimus L7 II. This is also the most expensive dual SIM phone of this series, so it is realistic to expect the highest bidder. (more…)

Newkia instead of Nokia

Have you ever heard of Newkia? If so, you probably heard it a few days ago, since this word had not been used before. This is a name of a newly formed company that wants to produce phones like Nokia’s models that will work on the Android platform. When Microsoft announced that it is taking over Nokia, it was clear that the whole thing will not go so quietly (more on Microsoft taking over Nokia at:
And so it was. Employees of Nokia and followers of the brand raised their voice against the sale of the company. Those who like to work on further development of this symbol for mobile phones decided to join the Newkia company and try what should be done a long time ago. (more…)

Sony Xperia V review

Sony Xperia V is a phone placed between the Xperia T and the Xperia J smartphones. This phone looks like the first mentioned model, with a slightly smaller screen size and the weight smaller than 120 grams. This device is based on the success of its resistance to water and dust, thus contributing to Sony as the manufacturer who makes sure that its phones still work at any conditions. So, at the pool, ocean, lake, wherever you are, you ca without fear take Sony Xperia V and carefree stay. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Review by TechYouNMe

The word on the road, even before Apple purchased biometric security firm AuthenTec, was that successive iPhone could have a fingerprint scanner. September 10th 2013 is the date when, in keeping with the sources, Apple goes to launch its next iPhone 5S. It is progressing to be one amongst the foremost anticipated school launch of the year, thus what’s progressing to be the new options of the new iPhone 5s.

Read below to search out what in keeping with the sources goes to be the new options of apple iPhone 5 S. (more…)

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