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A Chromebook as an alternative to Windows XP

The people are simply in love with Windows XP. After Microsoft announced that this OS is going to be out of support, many users start asking themselves what shell they do now. From now they can’t rely on the system they has been using for a years. The simplicity and the beauty of easy use of Win XP was giving us is now under the mark of quaestion, just because Microsoft want to go on and continue on developing Windows 8. So, the question is which OS should we turn to now? For some Linux is an alternative, but many of us are still out of the question about the “penguin” platform. What else do we have? Mac is not as close same as Windows and Apple is overpricing its devices. Well, the only real option is Chromebook. This Google developed devices could be something Windows laptops were all these years. (more…)

LG G3 is a new overpowered phone

LG got artillery. With its new big gun LG will never be the same again. In a good way, of course. The LG G3 is new flagship and perhaps the best smartphone you can get in this moment. LG finally made that big step that was missing all these years. All started with LG G2, but the new G generation is something everybody wanted to see. Simply great 5.5-inch Quad HD screen with astonishing 2560×1440 pixel is something your eyes wanted for a while. With fantastic 538ppi LG G3 over shaded even the great Galaxy S5. So, if things are like that, can we say LG G3 is the best smartphone? Maybe, but let’s wait some time to test it and give a final verdict. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 630 review

Lumia 630 is Nokia’s latest attempt to collect as many consumers as possible around one device. Similar to well known Lumia 520, this new budget smartphone has a big sales target. Beside the affordable price, Lumia 630 comes with fresh Windows Phone 8.1 OS. Also, the latest budget Lumia is the first Nokia’s device after the completed Microsoft’s acquisition of this Finnish manufacturer. Like some similar models, this cheap fellow offers removable back panel in several colors, which should bring this device to youngsters. So, the Nokia Lumia 630 has all it needs to become a new bestseller? Let’s go step by step.


LG G3 comes with laser autofocus

  • Posted on 26/05/2014
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The new LG G3 is almost naked. There’s nothing more we can hear that hasn’t already leaked. But, one of the last mystic places on the new LG’s flagship is camera. We were writing about the LG G3 specs, but in the meantime things have changed. The camera will not be at 16MP, as we expected. Instead, the new G3 will have 13MP camera. But, more important is the new focus technology LG G3 will come with. Its camera will feature a laser auto focus. Wow! Is that a laser we were dreaming about when we were kids? Something from Star Wars? (more…)

LG L70 review

One the one side we have very solid specs, and on the other one stands interesting price. This is a story of LG L70’s life. This is one of the best buy handsets in the entry level. Based on KitKat Android, the LG L70 is looking for a potential buyers who don’t want to spend hundreds of euros on a single phone. At the same time it offers more than decent performance and the new software improvements taken from more expensive LG models. There are more things to say about this 4.5-inch smartphone, so let’s take a several minutes walk within the LG L70 review. (more…)

Sony Xperia M2 review

This is the Xperia M2 – the successor of one of the best-selling Sony smartphones, the Xperia M. Therefore, this model is given a task to do this again. To help him out, Sony provided a great a design taken from the models of the Z series. If you expected this phone to be waterproof, than you may be sad, because Sony has left out this option. The reason for that is cutting the price, which is a primary goal to this king of handsets. Xperia M2 is taking its visual identity from big and great Xperia Z2, which is certainly a good advantage when it comes to customers. So, the Xperia M2 is looking to buyers over a really great design and moderate price. Who is this phone directed to? To anybody who is willing to pay some euros extra to get a beautiful Sony design. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint unlock security risks

New Samsung Galaxy S5 brought a dozen of new features and technologies. Since the device is available worldwide, it’s clear that millions of users have a chance to enjoy it. However, the fingerprint sensor has attracted the most attention. Except it looks like it came from the future, this scanner is particularly important for security reasons. Galaxy S5 used it to perform user authentication or phone payments via PayPal. So, the question is there are any Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint unlock security risks? (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review

Galaxy Camera 2 is the second generation of well-known Samsung’s Android camera. When the first generation was released, the crowd wasn’t sure what kind of device is it. Nowadays, some months after that, we have the same dilemma. There’s still some confusion but we’re wiser for the first generation, and we think we can give more answers than we could those days. Still we’re wondering is it worth to buy Galaxy Camera 2 instead of classic DSLR camera. Is Android so powerful that can beat the average or little more than average photo results of Camera 2? It depends- do you prefer several in one device or pure photo quality. (more…)

The latest Samsung’s flagship could be the fastest bestseller ever. According to the info from the market, Samsung hit the magic 10 million shipped Galaxy S5 smartphones in just 25 days of sale. Basically, that means Galaxy S5 has overtaken the crown from its predecessor Galaxy S4, which has reached 10 million shipped units for 27 days. How fast the things are changing we can illustrate by the time Galaxy S3 needed to achieve the 10 mill. At the time Galaxy S3 was entering the markets world wide, this device needed 50 days to hit this number, or twice as much as the new recorder. At this point sounds funny to hear that Galaxy S2 was looking for 10th mill for five months, and the original Galaxy S long seven months! (more…)

Moto E is new Motorola’s bestseller

This is the new Motorola’s phone. The new Moto E is not going far from the actual models Moto G and Moto X. Moto E is officially released and it’s the first Motorola’s smartphone after Google sold the company to Lenovo. If some of you think that Moto E isn’t much different that Moto G, you should know it takes a lot of time to build a completely new smartphone. Lenovo has decided to keep things in this way, which is quite easier at this moment than to start a new and unpredictable way of creating a brand new smartphone. This is a new budget 4.3-inch smartphone with a with cute and chubby appearance. This is the direction that Motorola is going. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon on 1,2GHz, Moto E isn’t as fast as some demanding user might wanted, but it’s certainly a fresh model thanks to KitKat Android.


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