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HTC One E8 is a plastic version of One M8

Are you tired of HTC One M8’s metal casing which doesn’t look so attractive to you anymore? Then the real thing for you is HTC One E8. This is a plastic version of the leading HTC’s smartphone. This radical change in design has several causes. One of them is the lower price. HTC One E8 was launched in China, where the hunger for new and affordable phones doesn’t stop. HTC One E8 in visual terms is almost identical to the original. Like the M8, the E8 has BoomSound speakers at the bottom, and a 5-inch full HD screen. The first information from China say that the speakers are at same quality as on aluminum model, so the new owners of the HTC One E8 will enjoy the best audio quality too. (more…)

HTC One Mini 2 Review

HTC One Mini 2 is a mini version of the best model Taiwanese company has to offer. So, One Mini 2 is the younger brother of a powerful and aluminum build One M8. This mean you shouldn’t confuse it with the last year’s Mini One, which is the first mini in family and it gives the more convenient dimensions than original HTC One. Also, you will find that this one phone is called and One M8 Mini, but the official name is still different. However, it’s sufficient to look at the One Mini 2 and you know it’s One M8’s sibling. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 Specs Leaked

Sony Xperia Z3 is a new flagship we’re waiting for. The market has been enriched with the aces like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the latest guy in the row LG G3. On the other side Sony still has Xperia Z2 as a best model to offer. But not for long. The rumors are circling the net. They are pointing out that new Xperia Z3 will be big and powerful smartphone, which should push up the throne battle. In the meanwhile the Xperia Z3’s photos have leaked, so we have a clue how the new Sony’s flagship will look like. (more…)

LG G3 Beat – for those who can’t afford LG G3

  • Posted on 27/07/2014
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If the LG G3 is still out of your reach, the South Korean manufacturer has a right thing for you. With a current price of over 500 euros, the LG’s flagship looks like an exclusive good for many of those who want to have such a brilliant phone. The mini version is still in the aspect of rumors, so the LG G3 Beat could be something to cheer you up. You will find somewhere name LG G3 s, but that’s the same device. So, the LG 3 Beat is a perfect balance of design, features, performances and price. (more…)

Huawei Ascend G730 Review

Huawei Ascend G730 is a giant phone. This dual SIM phablet with giant 5.5-inch screen comes with a very affordable price, so if you are looking for such a device, with the intent not to spend too much money, check the lines below about this new Huawei. The quick look on specs, tells us Huawei Ascend G730 belongs to the middle class, where there are already many similar models, such as the Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 and LG G Pro Lite Dual. This is a solid device that doesn’t offer anything spectacular, but all user requirements take very serious and it costs low. Wining combination? Let’s look together. (more…)

LG G3 Waterproof Test (video)

LG G3 is a phone that everybody is talking about. Rare individuals who had a chance to test it are real lucky human beings. First impressions are very positive, and we can’t wait to give our review on the latest LG’s flagship. LG G3 is available in our offer, and soon you can expect a full view on our blog. And while we are waiting to give a final verdict about this phone, which at this point has probably shown the most of all smartphones, on the internet appeared video with an unusual test in which the main role was given to the G3. LG G3 Waterproof test for a real!  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 is a successor of well known Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. I suppose you seen that only difference is in a word Lite. When something is lite it should be downsized, weaken and cheaper at the end. I think last thing is crucial. Samsung wanted to produce a very cheap tablet for Android beginners or for those who prefer to save more money in their pockets. And that’s happened here. Sammy cut all the sensors and extra features. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 is 7-inch tablet on Jelly Bean Android and very basic 2MP camera. So, if you decide to purchase Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0, you will get a compact, lightweight and cheap tablet. But, let’s go through the whole thing step by step. (more…)

Sony Xperia C3 – the world’s best selfie smartphone

Sony introduced a few days ago a new smartphone for selfies and social media sharing. We know all the smartphones are quite suitable for social networking. If you want a selfie, you just need a front-facing camera, or even just a regular one. So, what’s Sony Xperia C3 brings what we haven’t seen until now? Sony in its press release said the phone uses PROselfie cam + ultimate social sharing experience. All of that is packed in mid-range price range. Let’s recap. The world has gone crazy about selfies, so the manufacturers are willing to make a special phone for that!? It seems so. (more…)

Galaxy Alpha is a new Samsung’s premium smartphone

Samsung could get a new premium smartphone. According to internet rumors, the South Korean manufacturer has prepared a plan to launch a new series of smartphones. The first phone could be named Galaxy Alpha. This premium device should spots metal body frame. Since we have heard already Sammy is preparing the Galaxy F handset with the metal body too, this could mean Galaxy Alpha is actually Galaxy F. This news is very important, because Samsung intends to put the new series above the current Galaxy S family, which is top at this moment. The big party is in front of us. And, the LG is still confident in its latest flagship G3. And, Apple is approaching with a new iPhone 6… (more…)

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