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10 Top Android apps for kids!

Nowadays children start using smart devices at a very early age. So little, yet so curious to learn how to unlock smart devices and to find new stuff on which they can click. They are best when it comes to erasing images, messages or files, but the worse is when they go to settings. To keep their mind occupied we advise installing apps on your tablet or smartphone, which are appropriate for their age. There are many games from which kids can learn many interesting things. (more…)

What is Gorilla glass?

You have probably heard about “gorilla glass” and some of you do have this type of glass integrated on your mobile phone, but have you ever wondered from what kind of material is this glass made and what is its purpose? If you have any doubts, we will provide you with answers.

To put it simple, this is a special kind of glass which is designed to be very thin and light, and which will be resistant to any kind of damages. This technology is very commonly used in the world of electronics and it is used on portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, even on television screens.


Mobile Device Use and Overuse



June, 2015

A White Paper by

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Introduction: the mobile dailiness

The ubiquity of electronics has made a deep impact on virtually all aspects of our daily lives. As the devices grow smaller and more powerful, they redefine our approaches to everything from business collaboration and education to some basic daily activities. This is primarily because mobile devices provide constant internet access, thus making it difficult to tell where the digital world stops and the real one starts. (more…)

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