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What is Retina Display? And Other Display Names

What is Retina display? What is Sony Triluminos? AMOLED Plus? Clear Black? Pure Motion? And all the other dazzling names that smartphone manufacturers are using to amaze us. Believe it or not, these are all merely names that big companies are creating to brand smartphone displays that they are developing. What is the difference between these displays and what’s so special about them, we will find out today. We will help you demystify display brand names!


WiFi Standards Vocabulary

When choosing a new smartphone you often check all the technical details and try to make a reasonable choice. After all, everyone wants to get the best deal for the money. So, while looking at these tech specs, you will see a whole bunch of different terms, marks, and acronyms. One of the most mystical marks stands with WiFi standards. What on Earth is the WiFi b/g/n/ac?



Smartphone Display Technology

Displays on our mobile phones have passed a long way – from one digital line where you could see only numbers to a sharp, touch-sensitive screens where you can watch videos and play graphically demanding video games. This progress is especially visible in the last five years when a lot of new sorts of displays appeared. Innovative solutions made our smartphone display bigger, brighter, more colorful, and edgier than ever before.


How to save your contact list from your Android phone?

Do you remember a time when no mobile phones were around and we used to write all the contact numbers in an address book? Some of you might say: “Those were the days”, but only the ones who forgot to bring their tiny address books with them or even lost them know how tiring must have been to rewrite all the phone numbers again.

Today you have a simpler way to preserve the contact list- mobile phones, SD cards and Google accounts! So you have 2 in 1 in your pocket: an address book and a phone. But what to do when your mobile phone brakes down or it gets stolen? There is a great possibility that you will lose your entire contact list from your mobile phone. Today we will tell you how to prevent this from happening by showing you how to save your contact list from your Android phone. (more…)

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