iPhone has survived for half hour under water with silicone “suit”

NeverWet is impressive new technology that is being tested right now. The technology is based on silicone coating that is used as a spray on electronic device and a few moments after the device becomes waterproof. In this case, scientists are working on this finding, used the iPhone as a test “material”. This protective layer is effective against other liquids, not just water, which would be possible to expanded applications considerably.

This material creates a small barrier in the form of air between the device and the fluid so that there is no physical contact between them. Researcher Andy Jones said that apart from water and oil, things like chocolate, ketchup, mustard will also find NeverWet as a strong opponent. Ross Nanotechnology, a company that has patented this invention, has gone so far that a piece of metal was kept submerged in salt water even a year! When the years passed, a piece of metal was completely dry!

It seems that innovations like these will slowly become part of our daily lives. Imagine that mobile phones and other portable devices without having to worry you can drop into the tub or pool. If this invention becomes available to everyone, I think that no holiday will be the same as before.

This “invisible glass” has other advantages besides the above. Apparently, the coated material for phones is able to reduce to a minimum glare screen, while the new lithium-ion batteries will be able to be full with ten times more than now. A concern of wetting of the phone is already the past… If you ask me, I’m all for such a future, and the iPhone is already in our offer.

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