HTC Desire L – budget phone for $ 250

HTC Desire L

If you are one of those who can not get enough of new Android devices, and if you believe that Samsung did not show all of their aces, when affordable units on this operating system is concerned, this is maybe good news for you. The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC published its new smartphone that could be in high demand in the market. It is a model named Desire L, whose main feature will be wide screen of 4.3 inches.


Lumia 928 specs

Nokia Lumia 928

It seems that the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 gets its successor. If you are fans of this and other models from Lumia series, then this is good news for you. Some time ago, Nokia has made the public announcement of the mid-range smartphone with the name Lumia 720, and now the series of new smartphones got a new high-end phone – Nokia Lumia 928. This means that Nokia has seriously preparing for a fierce fight against competitors. The targets are certainly Android and iOS. What are the chances for success of the new Nokia Lumia 928? Who knows? It remains to be seen. (more…)

Samsung flexible display delay

samsung flexibe displey delay

Do you think that the flexible display is great thing? If the answer is yes, you probably rejoiced when you heard that some manufacturers plan their mass production. You’ve probably already imagined how your phone with a flexible screen easily bend in your hand without worrying that you will damage it.  This invention definitely brings a new chapter in the development of mobile phones. While other manufacturers were a little hesitant on the issue of putting into production this invention, in meanwhile the great Samsung announced their soon production.


Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720Nokia wants its Windows Phone 8 family to gain more members. Even after Lumia 520 and Lumia 620, for which it can be said to belong to the middle-level, the new Nokia Lumia 720 tends to take place in a desirable middle class. Lumia 720 could be very interesting because it’s great looking phone with a specifications for higher class and medium price that it has. Remember: Lumia 720 could soon become synonym for good smartphones from Finland.


Gold iPhone for $15m

gold iphone

gold iphoneHave you ever heard for Forget Vertu? No? Well… probably that indicate you don’t have enough money to heard about it. This Liverpool based company earned its reputation thanks to their ultra heavy luxury products. Especially when it comes to phones. These phones are not for everyone. They are designed for wealthy clientele. So far these phones were not from on one of the most popular platforms. However, this time under the hand of this design company came one iPhone. Come along to see how this gold iPhone looks, whose value is estimated at a whopping $ 15 million!


Samsung Galaxy Win

samsung galaxy win

samsung galaxy winYou wanna know the wining combination. Ask Samsung than. Their phones are definitely born with wining mentality, no matter are they members of premium of budget social class. But, what about the phones which have quad-core inside support and dual SIM feature? Beside that, that phone has big screen. Well… that phone rocks. And that is precisely what Samsung Galaxy Win offers. We have to say straight away that Samsung Galaxy Win isn’t officially confirmed, but we are very sure in Samsung intentions to push up to the end this project, which already has pictures on internet. So dear Samsung, there is nothing to hide. Just give us the best from Samsung Galaxy Win!


Samsung profit in 2013 Q1

samsung profit Big Samsung is a step closer to be even bigger. After the presentation of new flagship smartphone, Samsung had one more job to do. It has to calculate how much money it earned. According to still unconfirmed information, South Korean giant is ready to announce that its operating profit for the first quarter of 2013 is about 8.7 trillion won, or about 7.7 billion dollars. What that, except hudge amount of money, means? That means Samsung profit is increased for incredible 53% comparing the same period last year!


Samsung Galaxy S4 manufacturing costs

samsung galaxy s4 manufacturing costs

samsung galaxy s4 manufacturing costs As the time is passing by, brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 is every time closer and closer to us. While we’re waiting for this cool device, many people worldwide are giving their best to show Samsung Galaxy S4 in a full view. One of the interesting things about S4 is definitely its price, which is something always to discuss about. There is one opinion according to which, Samsung Galaxy S4 is just fairly basic upgrade from its predecessor, but! Yes, there is one big BUT, because Samsung Galaxy S4 is maybe not completely new device, but the price list of its hardware components is significantly different that the one of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.  So, what’s that means? Let’s see it closely.


Nexus 5 specs

Nexus 5

Nexus 5The news that a big company is working on a new high-end device has become part of everyday technology on the planet Earth. After introducing a new charm beauty called Samsung Galaxy S4 and announcement that Motorola is preparing a new series of smart phones under the symbol X, we received rumours that Google already working on a new project – Nexus 5. Information that reached the public indicate that Google is working on several prototypes, one of which could end up just like the Nexus 5. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 details

We all had several days free to clarify our minds from sleepless night for the premiere of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 star. Presentation ceremony ended at about 01:30 CET, and from then until the hours of now the medias are buzzing about the new smartphone. As far as first impressions, somehow got the impression that Samsung has managed to do what we thought it was just Apple capable. It is about the power to leading smartphone refresh without any desire to be a bit deeper due to it and to meet the demands of the customers. Some might say that Samsung copied in this sense company from Cupertino, but Samsung Galaxy S4 really is almost identical to its predecessor. Somebody will say that it is a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, stretched on the diagonal of 5 inches.