Android applications which you must have!

Smart-phones really changed our lives on better and gave us great number of new options. They allows us to make phone calls, listen music, watch video files, check emails and organize our business, without staying close to computer in every moment. But smartphone is going to be useful depending on how many applications we have installed (download), our phone will become perfect working machine on which we can rely or it will be useless piece of plastic with cables. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note – Smart giant

All experts in mobile industry can agree in one thing about this phone – it’s HUGE! Whatsoever, Samsung Galaxy Note is so big that some people define him as tablet, even it’s too small to be classic tablet. One thing is certain: Samsung Galaxy Note is made for people with big hands. You will ask yourself is there market for this kind of model, but don’t make conclusion too soon and let’s see what kind of phone is Galaxy Note.


Web browsing speed: Nokia Lumia 800 Vs iPhone 4s

After Nokia launched new Lumia 800 as big rival to Apple iPhone 4s, it looks like that the main goal is not accomplished by new Nokia. We didn’t have opportunity to use this model, but according to this video it looks like there are some setbacks in web browsing in comparison with new model from Apple company. (more…)

Nokia X2-02 – review

Mobile manufacturer from Finland present the third generation of X2 model. After basic model X2 and first variation with X2-05 Nokia presented the X2-02. Nokia X2-02 review gives you many innovation compared to basic version, but for 60€ you will really be surprised why is Nokia still producing this type of phone. (more…)

Nokia 700 – in top form

There is simple vision in Nokia: there will be no customer who can’t find type of Nokia phone that suits him. They have wide range of different types, prices, colors or size of mobile phone. As we can judge by users and blog community, Nokia can proudly present model that has extraordinary performances and acceptable price for this class. We present you Nokia 700 that in very short time get a lot of attention. (more…)

HTC Flyer with new Honeycomb

Excellent news for users of excellent tablet HTC Flyer. HTC managed to “fix” Honeycomb Android OS and upgrade it to v3.2 for this tablet. This week all across Europe will be possible to update this version, which will eliminate (more…)

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