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Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012

The times when phones were used for calls are long gone, and the development of smart phones on every field also evolved the phones cameras. Cameras on mobile phones have today (in terms of image quality) reached the level of commercial digital cameras. The theme of this blog is to examine the Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012. (more…)

Google Nexus 4 sales delaying

  • Posted on 24/12/2012
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The fact that Google is “stuck” with delivering the long-awaited Google Nexus 4 was obvious, but now it officially surfaced. On Saturday, Google has made an official statement in which the company apologized to all customers who already ordered this smartphone in their stores,  and potential customers who would like to buy a new Google Nexus 4. This phone was officially released in November 2012, but it soon became clear that the phone is nowhere to be found. We are sharing this news, because of the great interest for this fantastic smartphone on our website (more…)

Android enjoys the upcoming holidays

Google has every reason to sit back, and watch how their Android enjoys the upcoming holidays, because according to several market researches, the Android operating system holds the absolute lead in the global market when it comes to smartphone operating systems. Our statistics at absolutely confirm these figures, as the European market follows this global trend. Google has made a promotional video for the 2012 year, a video in the spirit of the upcoming holidays. This short video is actually their New Year’s greeting card to all the users of Android devices. Google sends a message in its video that says “Android has a soul”, and if this is so, the users of these devices know it best! (more…)

HTC Windows Phone 8S is a great choice

HTC Windows Phone 8S is a great choice for people who are looking for a mid range smartphone, a well-built phone with solid performance. This model became available in November 2012, so it’s pretty “fresh”, and we finally have the opportunity to deal with its previously announced great number of attributes, and let’s see what this is all about. Follow our review of the HTC Windows Phone 8S. (more…)

Santa knows what is good

The New Year  rush embraces the world, and the resourceful manufacturers have decided that Santa Claus could be “used” for advertising purposes, and promote their products through his kind character.  Santa knows what is good, and it is proved by Samsung’s new ad, which promotes their high end product the Galaxy Note 2(more…)

Habits of mobile phone users

Perhaps this blog could be called – an appeal to the conscience of mobile phone users … The University of Washington has performed a very useful study about the habits of mobile phone users (pedestrians) in 20 high-risk intersections in Seattle, in a few intervals during the year 2012. Observers in this study observed 1102 pedestrians that were crossing the road while taking the calls, write text messages or listening to music on their mobile phones. (more…)

Often, we report about the achievements and results of Samsung and it is not just because we like this company, but for the fact that this South Korean company is one of the most active, and most innovative firms that produces mobile technologies (among others). Samsung surprises us every year with something so far unseen, and this trend also continues in 2013. Companies are preparing for CES 2013 big time, and this event will definitely be the world’s premiere event for product innovation, things that we have never seen, but Samsung decided to tickle the imagination of the users of their products, and yesterday released a formal and very short video that promises “something new” and inviting the world to “get ready” . (more…)

Galaxy S4 will be “a hard nut to crack”

The successor of the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S3, and eagerly awaited by many, the Galaxy S4 smarthphone should be presented to the world in April 2013 according to some unconfirmed rumors.

To make matters even more interesting, Reuters has announced (again) non proven news, that simply tickles the imagination of all people expecting this model, but also every other mobile phone user. If these rumors are true, we are facing a whole new era of displays, and the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be equipped with a display that shall be impossible to break. Accordingly Samsung will replace the usual glass display with a plastic one, one which is said to be virtually unbreakable.



Samsung Galaxy S Duos – more than dual SIM

Given the high commercialization and affordability of mobile phones, today many mobile phone users have a need for the simultaneous use of two SIM cards and two numbers. Is it a private and business number or some other “combination”, the usage of 2 phone numbers is not a fashion trend, but more of a need lately. The South Korean Samsung has always had an offer of several dual SIM phones, but with the Samsung Galaxy S Duos, this company has made a big jump from the plain and simplest possible phone functions whose only advantage was the dual SIM feature. The progress we are witnessing is the Android operating system, a solid processor power, and sleek designer touches to his phone. The Former ugly duckling grew into something quite beautiful, and is this smartphone as good as it looks,  we’ll try to find out in the following review of the Samsung Galaxy S Duos… (more…)

SMS messages, Happy birthday to you!

One of the most commonly used functions of any modern mobile phone is SMS messages sending, and SMS is now celebrating its 20th birthday. It all started in December 3rd , 1992 when a 22 year old Neil Papworth, an engineer from the UK typed “Merry Christmas” on his computer, and sent it to Richard Jarvis from Vodafone. Jarvis received this message on his cell phone Orbitel 901, but he could not respond to this message, because back then the possibility (actually technology) to do that did not exist. Two years later, Nokia introduced this feature on their phone… (more…)

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