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Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and release

Ladies and gentlemen, Samsung Galaxy S5 is here! This is a phone that is a so long awaited and now it’s released. The new flagship from Samsung is presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Its goal is clear. To beat the monstrously good success of its predecessor. Galaxy S5 looks familiar and brings an established feel of the South Korean manufacturer. Two generations of the popular phone look very similar, but the upgrades are here, and that’s a sign that Samsung was quite busy preparing new champion. (more…)

Nokia X released

Nokia X is here. This phone which we were curious to see had its premiere at the World Mobile Congress which started in Barcelona. Nokia, which has been pushing Windows Phone, and which works under the supervision of Microsoft, seems, is not giving up and continue to push by its own way. This Nokia Android phone was a central theme of many discussions in the past days. It’s interesting that Nokia is already ready to work on the development of the entire Nokia X series, and there are possible future models like Nokia X + and Nokia XL. Beside it is based on Android OS, Nokia X brings a very affordable price. The first information from Barcelona says that the Nokia X will start at 89 euros Europe.   (more…)

Sony Xperia Z2 specs

It would be a shame if Sony didn’t have its ace for a big race with Samsung, Apple, HTC and some other manufacturers… Well now it has, and it’s called the Xperia Z2. After more than a year after the launch Xperia Z and the six months since the Xperia Z1 saw the light of day, Sony has decided to present its new leading smartphone. We expected great device from Sony and Xperia Z2 surely is that. It brings a lot already seen in the previous two models, but the Japanese giant brought some new technologies here, which fans of Sony devices will keep in belief that Sony is the best, even when the the smartphones are about. (more…)

WhatsApp – sold to Facebook

Facebook is overtaking WhatsApp! It’s news that stirred the people worldwide. The company that owns the most popular social network in the world is ready to pay for the popular messaging services a whopping $ 16 billion. Of course, the big players like Facebook don’t pay this much money in cash, so the mix of payment methods is gonna mark one of the largest of transactions over the past few years. (more…)

Xperia Z1 Compact review

It’s no news when manufacturers roll out to market smaller versions of its best models. They cut a few millimeters from the original and get a compact phone, which is far more convenient for use, and it doesn’t fall behind with specs. The last in line is Sony, which introduced the model Xperia Z1 Compact. This is a phone that is practically still Xperia Z1, since the processor and the camera remained intact, with the same software and it does not look that much different than the basic model. Enough reason to pay attention to this phone. Xperia Z1 Compact is a model that is between iPhone’s 4-inch screen and those of 5-inches that can be seen on the latest Android smartphones. What Xperia Z1 Compact offers that aparts it from other 4.3-inch devices are practical dimensions and great design with superior specs. (more…)

Galaxy S5 rumors

There’s less than a week until the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, which will hosts one of the future stars – the new Samsung Galaxy S5. On the event called Samsung Unpacked 5 should appear phone which is expected to take over the world top and proudly replace the current Samsung Galaxy S4. Since time is running out, more and more rumors about is coming to us saying what Galaxy S5 could offer. Some previous talks pointed us to the metal body, fantastic display, battery rapid charging and its price. Now we have a new story, which will in a few days either be confirmed or forgotten as irrelevant. (more…)

LG G Pro 2 unveiled

LG has officially unveiled its new LG G Pro 2 phablet. The successor to the original 5.5-inch G Pro was announced last year, and now it experienced the premiere in its home country. As we can expect LG G Pro 2 is increased and now has a 5.9- inch display with full HD resolution and specs that will force other manufacturers to accept LG as a serious competitor. This phablet shows strong LG’s aims to obscure the glory of others who have been governing this terrain for a while. (more…)

Motorola sold to Lenovo

Not so long ago Google took over Motorola. Entering the software giant in the area of hardware for many it was a sign that Motorola has stumbled on the road to recovery that was desperately needed. The company under the control of Google managed to introduce two new models, and it seems that the story ends there. In fact, Google has decided to sell the Motorola to Lenovo. The transaction is estimated at $ 2.91 billion! (more…)

HTC Desire 700 review

Some time ago, HTC has introduced a few dual SIM phones that belong to the lower or middle segment of the market. The best among them is the HTC Desire 700, which, except that active dual SIM option, offers large 5-inch screen and BoomSound stereo speakers making him resembles a famous relative HTC One. This is one of the phones that offer you the comfort of using two SIM cards, but it doesn’t take away a great look and great feel when you hold it. Let’s look together what HTC Desire 700 has to offer. (more…)

Top Android antivirus software

You are probably wondering what kind of security software is good to protect your smart device. We’re all aware that our smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to potential threats. Especially if you’re an owner of Android device. Android is the most spread mobile operating system in the world. Having that in mind, it’s not a surprise when we hear that there is the most malware software particularly for this platform. That’s why it’s always good to know which antivirus software to use. That’s why we presented a list of the top android antivirus software. (more…)

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