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The Galaxy S5 mini comes as waterproof device

After Galaxy S5 Prime, the Galaxy S5 family continues to grow. The new Samsung’s flagship device became really popular on global scale. So, when we heard that South Koreans are preparing Galaxy S5 mini we weren’t surprised. Beside the more compact dimensions, new Samsung Galaxy S5 mini will be waterproof as its older brother. Beside the water, S5 mini will resists dust too. Also, it shouldn’t be expensive as original model. (more…)

The Crystal Galaxy S5 announced

Do you have enough money for new Samsung Galaxy S5? If the answer is positive, it’s good for you. Many of us still have to save a little bit more to afford this beautiful device. But, there are always rich and spoiled people around the globe who just can’t stop being like they actually are. For them Galaxy S5 is too cheap and too conventional. They don’t want to have a phone that other people can afford (with an extra money save of course, but they still can afford it). So, they were probably happy when Samsung announced production of crystal Galaxy S5. (more…)

Nokia X review

I’m pretty much convinced that there are millions of people worldwide who were eagerly waiting  to see how Nokia works on Android. Until recently something like that was unthinkable, because Nokia is developing phones with Windows Phone platform. Nokia X broke the ice. This interesting little thing came straight into our hands. I have to admit I was very curious to see how all these things actually work in reality. And I want to share that with you. Before you go to reading text, remember two things. Nokia X is first Android phone of this manufacturer. Secondly, this is a budget device. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 is pretty much fresh thing. It’s so fresh that we can still feel the smell of a brand new product (you know that feel when you buy some new tech thing and it smells like it never smells after). Many of us are still collecting money to buy the S5, or at least to test the new Sammy’s flagship smartphone. But, there is always a kind of people that all the time are looking for more and more. They always want something newer and newer. Now, it’s their show time. Once they have satisfied the hunger for Galaxy S5, they will probably have a chance to enjoy something bigger and even better. It’s still a rumor, but the first pics of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime are spotted on the internet (more…)

Nokia changes name to Microsoft Mobile

If you haven’t ever used Nokia phone, you’re probably not from the planet Earth. Maybe Superman or some other superhero has had that misfortune to use some other communication devices instead of indestructible Nokia. Even Chuck Norris couldn’t do any harm to this really reliable phones. This brand stands for the one of the most influential in the world. That’s not just a coincident. The quality that Nokia implemented in their phones doesn’t fade over all these years. On the contrary, it seems that Nokia is still the most beloved brand within the mobile phone users. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

The last two smartphones we were writing about are really impressing. Just to be noted, there’s no word about iPhone, just Android. Probably you’ve already guessed we’re talking about  Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8. However, what happens when you can’t decide between these two models? Then stay for a while here in these lines, in which we try to help you with your potential choice, if it came down to the best phone from HTC and Samsung. Sweet as a cake, right? (more…)

HTC One M8 review

To create a completely original smart phone you need a lot of inspiration and creativity. Since this isn’t easy to do, the producers usually go for minor modifications instead of trying to make completely new phone. That’s the story about the new HTC One. HTC One M8 had to improve the original model, which officially was the best designed last year. And it really has done it. HTC One M8 continues a path of success. This phone is packed with power and modern technology, so it can compete with new Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung’s star is shining so bright, but the new One is still the best looking out there. (more…)

Google Camera for better camera experience

Google has decided to change the way we shoot the photos on Android devices. That’s why this software giant released its new camera app, specially designed to improve photo quality no matter smart devices are still far behind standard cameras. The app is simply called Google Camera and it’s a different than the standard 4.4 KitKat app. Since the name is simple, there wasn’t a reason for app not to be just like that. So, what Google Camera has to offer? Let’s take a close look. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Review

In order to refresh and improve its range of tablets, Samsung has introduced the Pro line of these devices. The South Korean manufacturer is led by the idea to offer tablets of all sizes, and hence we already saw the Galaxy Tab 12.2 and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Next in line is the middle-sized Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. No matter this manufacturer already offers very good 10-inch tablets, Sammy has decided to make a new one. The question now is whether the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is actually Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) without S- Pen or something new and better. The answer to this question we will try to give in the following lines of text. (more…)

Nokia 225 price known

Nokia design and quality are well-known to all of us. Durability of this phones has been confirmed many times. It’s interesting and applaudable that the Finnish manufacturer doesn’t apply this recipe only on the higher price range devices. On the contrary, every Nokia phone is a pleasure for the user. Nokia 225 is no exception. This is the latest dual SIM model with Series 30 + operating system that is coming on the market soon. (more…)

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