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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is a direct successor to the Xperia Tablet Z. As usual, the new Sony generation brings a noticeable improvement. It’s primarily about the new quad-core Snapdragon processor 801 and the latest KitKat Android. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet brings the latest and greatest from the world of hardware and software, so there’s no reason not to declare it in advance as a really great device. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 isn’t the largest or even the most affordable tablet out there. It’s quite sure. His story is fairly different. This 8.4-inch tablet offers a good design, lots of good software and performance that enable him run smoothly. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, thanks to its fantastic screen with 2560×1600 pixels and a new Magazine interface, delivers the best image quality in this tablet category. Enough reason Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is taken as one of the best in its class. However, the pleasure has its price, and if you are not a person with a big budget, it wouldn’t be bad to have a cheaper alternative in mind. (more…)

HTC One M8 release

If you ask people from HTC what phone they really like, the answer would certainly be HTC One, again! The reason for this is that the new HTC One M8 is very similar to its predecessor. Yup, even the name is not changed, so it’s hard to expect some tectonic changes to have happened there. New HTC One M8 is heavily reliant on the original model, but it brings some improvements, with no intention to interfere in the heart of the matter. One is One, right? (more…)

Android smartwatches are coming

Google is ready to do more for the Android smartwatches development. Several days ago, this software giant unveiled the Android Wear, a version of the mobile operating system specially designed for this type wearable devices. Beside the features and opportunities that Wear provides, it’s particularly interesting that the platform will work on square and round shaped smartwatches. Here we come to the next phase, which is concerning the new models on the market. In fact, LG and Motorola introduced their smartwatches. So, the show starts. Actually, the show has started when Sammy and Sony revealed their watches, but from now we’ll have a real competition here. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Review

Galaxy Grand Duos has achieved great success for Samsung. Now it’s successor’s turn. Can Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos repeat the success of its predecessor and maintain the trust? Competition has never been stronger! In fact, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos 2 brings several changes from the original model, but also a higher price. In these situations there’s always the question whether the successor brings better performance or just new (usually higher) price. This is especially important because there are a lot of competitors and nowadays middle class phones often offer features that were, until recently, reserved for the best phones on the market. (more…)

Google Glass in Ray Ban style

Google has signed a contract that will enable this manufacturer of popular device to become fully “wearable”. So far, this futuristic device was often marked as “ineligible” for wearing, and users didn’t feel comfortable in front of passers while wearing this smart glasses. From now Google Glass will look more modern, thanks to the cooperation between Google and Luxottica, the manufacturer of brands such as Ray Ban and Oakley. (more…)

Viber sold for $900 million

One of the most popular instant messaging and VOIP service – Viber, gets a new owner. After Facebook has overtaken WhatsApp, now Viber goes into the hands of new owners. Japanese Internet giant Rakuten is willing to pay for “purple application” $ 900 million, which is the best confirmation of how the apps for free calls and messaging have become a highly profitable business. As pointed out by Rakuten leaders, goal of this acquisition is to enable the expansion of digital content in the emerging markets. Viber, which currently has about 300 million users, is the best way to do that. Let’s believe them so. (more…)

HTC Sense 6.0 features

We are dying for 25th of March when HTC will introduce its new HTC One (M8). In addition to the new flagship model, HTC also made new HTC Sense 6.0, according to the latest rumors. While the look and features of the new HTC One are less or more already known, the presentation of HTC Sense 6.0 could be a big deal. Logically, we expect HTC Sense 6.0 right up with new HTC One, which should put HTC in a position to fight with Samsung and Sony, that already have models with KitKat Android operating system. (more…)

Obama moves to Android!?

U.S. President Barack Obama is certainly the most famous user of BlackBerry smartphones. One of the most powerful people in the world often complains that he can’t use the iPhone, which is of course the symbol of American technological dream. The reason for this is security concerns. Therefore, Obama used a modified BlackBerry, but this could be changed in the months in front of us. The U.S. media reports that there is a chance that Obama gets phone with Android operating system. (more…)

Cheap iPhone 5C comes to Europe

Apple is ready to offer cheap iPhone 5C. The new version of the “affordable” iPhone is already coming to offer through the European network of tech stores. It’s an iPhone 5C with 8GB of internal memory. Cheap iPhone 5C already arrived in a big part of European market. For example in the UK cheap iPhone 5C costs £ 430, which is £ 40 less than the model with 16GB of storage. This device is expected in America, where this phone should costs about $499. (more…)

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