Monthly Archives: September 2015

Best Messaging Apps and Why you Need them?

It is easier than ever before to keep in contact with people no matter how close or far they are. And one of the most popular means of communication is messaging. Do you know how many instant messages do we send each day? More than 50 billion! One might ask why are we sending so many messages? The answer is quite uncomplicated: there are over 3 million smartphone users out there, and most of them are constantly online. Now add all the messaging apps that are around us to the mix and you will get the answer.


What is 3D Touch?

We have the honor to meet the latest iPhone duo (iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus) last week. And yes, they are bringing a few extraordinary new features. The most interesting new thing that Apple introduced with new iPhones is 3D Touch. 3D Touch is hot, it is desirable, and TechCrunch is even calling it “the biggest mobile user experience innovation of the decade.” So, let’s find out more about this killer feature.


20 Ways to Extend Battery Life on your Smartphone

Have you ever been in a situation that you need your smartphone to make a call or to take a cool picture, but you couldn’t do it because your battery is too weak? Or even worse – dead. Such a thing can happen to all of us, so we must learn how to prevent it and how to extend battery life on our smartphones. At least until smartphone manufacturers finally manage to create a battery that will least an entire day.


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