Do you use mobile phone in toilet?

We are not trying to find out your private details, but we believe that this is really good question. Some research are showing very interesting reports about this question. Interesting or weird, you will decide.


It’s not secret that people do use phones when they go to toilet, but reports are showing very strange numbers.


As technology is developing, mobile software followed that development, covering wide range of user needs: for communication, for business, for social networks, for games, for internet… Android OS as most popular operative system, is the most popular phone in toilet. Research shows that 87% people use their Android OS in toilet! That’s a lot of people!

Need some private?

Here are some more facts: about 63% people receive phone calls in toilet, and over 40% are making phone calls! There are fans of toilet SMS – 67% people send messages while they have needs, and 38% use that time for web browsing.


But, there are always extremes: about 30% of male users said they aren’t going to toilet without their Android, and about 20% of female are doing the same.


Let’s make something clear: this trend is not only for Android users! iPhone and BlackBerry users are in very similar situation: 84% of iPhone owners use phone in toilet, and 77% of BlackBerry users.


It’s interesting that this trend is unisex – both male and female do this ritual.



    • Buda
    • 15/05/2012


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