How much iPhone 4S really cost?

iPhone 4S is one of the most popular phones in the world, but it’s fact that it has a price that makes it the most wanted phone in the world. While some people enjoy in functionality of this remarkable smartphone, the other ones are dreaming about it, the third ones did some research about iPhone 4S really cost…


iPhone 4S really cost?

Let’s get to the point…

Journalists of CNN did some research and calculation of manufacturing cost. When you make that calculation, you can easily what is profit for Apple. And that number is not small.


Manufacturing cost of iPhone 4S is 203$, and this model is on sale in US around 600$. That’s three times more than iPhone 4S really cost…

There are some more interesting facts about iPhone 4S really cost: if iPhone 4S is assembled in US, Apple would still make profit. So there is no need to this model be assembled in China, but with this strategy, it’s more profitable for Apple.


Let’s make something clear: we are not trying to work against Apple, to point the finger at them and count how much money they are earning on us… This is just result of research, and not just anyone but research of CNN.


With contract is better offer

In the other hand, if there is no Apple and their vision, there would be no iPhone or iPad, iPod… That development and vision has a price, and if you want to be use that technology – well you have to pay for it.


Do you have iPhone 4S? Do you think you paid too much?




    • Bella
    • 18/05/2012

    very expensive, but i wouldn’t change my iphone for anything…

    • Amanda
    • 04/08/2012

    I a fanboy fiernd.  both addressing fanboy clan. I don’t even see a need heck , last . I support I feel a better product truth iPad 2 a better product better marketing fan following, . Again I both humans hence different mindsets opinions differ.

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