Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012

The times when phones were used for calls are long gone, and the development of smart phones on every field also evolved the phones cameras. Cameras on mobile phones have today (in terms of image quality) reached the level of commercial digital cameras. The theme of this blog is to examine the Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012.

The best camera built into one smartphone, could be any phone with other weaker performances. However, the performance of cameras themselves are the result of years of research by the producers of mobile phones, we examined and compared with a number of devices, so it is understandable that the best cameras are built into high-end phones. The faithful readers of our blog probably have a clue which models are in question because the staff of the always strive not to miss the important news that are truly noteworthy. So, to cut the chase, we present the Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012 that achieved the best tested results in 2012, and please feel free to share your experiences and opinions about these devices. So, the first place goes to…


Nokia 808 PureView


The winner is Nokia 808 PureView with its 41MP camera

The winner of the Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012 is the Nokia 808 PureView. This was an easy one to predict right? Without any doubt, the Nokia 808 PureView is the phone with the best camera in 2012 – with a camera that is so good that this phone is seen as a camera that has additional features of a classic smartphone. This phones camera performance is not just about pixels, though the camera of this phone features unbelievable 41MP , and the images made with this phone are incredibly rich in detail (we should not forget, however, that we are talking about “just” a phone). The camera of this smartphone will provide “lossless zooming” enable minimal loss of image quality when zooming, and all of that is achieved without digital “Ironing” whether its taking pictures or a video recording (even in 1080p video quality). Moreover, the camera of this phone is so “smart”, you can manipulate with all those millions of pixels and combine them to get the image quality of 5 or 8MP, which is the possibility that no other phone’s camera can manage.


Apple iPhone 5


The deserved 2nd place goes to Apple’s iPhone 5

Yes, according to research, the iPhone is at the Top 3 camera phones the second year in a row and this year it wins the “silver medal”. This title iPhone 5 earned rightfully and it’s a title fully deserved. Not only photos taken from this camera models look fantastic regardless of the conditions under which they were made, but the user interface of the camera is extremely simple and easy to use, and the camera itself is activated and ready to shoot incredibly fast. Apple has added panorama mode to this model (panorama shooting mode) in addition to numerous other features, and a camera of this phone is capable of snapping panoramic images that are invisibly tailored into a whole, at a max of 28MP quality.



Samsung Galaxy S3


The rightly earned 3rd place is taken by the Samsung Galaxy 3

The competition for third place was fierce, but in the end the winner is the Samsung Galaxy S3. This model deservedly took the third place with the best camera phone for several reasons. Firstly, images recorded with this smartphone are detail-rich, the images are natural regardless of the circumstances in which you made them, and finally, this camera model has virtually no delay when processing the images. Furthermore, the camera of this phone provides the user with its almost infinite number of handy features like the “burst shooting” of 20 pictures in a row, from which you can choose the best one, and also taking pictures at a maximum resolution during video recording with 1080p.



That’s it ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Top 3 smartphone camera in 2012 is the Nokia 808PureView, followed by Apple’s iPhone 5, and the last but no least is the Samsung Galaxy S3. What do you think about these results, did you have an opportunity to capture a moment with one of these cameras?


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