HTC One M9 will have a new design?

If the future HTC One M9 will have as good design as this, we would not mind at all!


Everybody is talking about this model and everybody is waiting for its premier which is announced to take place on the beginning of March this year.

Having in mind the current design of HTC One M8 and some photos that accidentally appeared on the internet which are thought that show the future design of the newest member of HTC’s family, we can easily say that the brand new One M9 will look pretty much like this.

M9 display full.jpg

HTC One M9 design

Of course we do not know who is the true designer of the One M9, but Daehnert has published a few images of this phone, longing to portray the M9 from each angle, just so that the fans of this brand have the opportunity to imagine how the phone would look. We think that the One M9 will look just like the model from the photos and that will be the best sold phone yet.


M9 side.jpg

We hope that the One M9 will have built-in quality; we have faith that is going to have its case made of aluminum or of a similar metal which will be used as the basic material for the construction of the body of the phone.

The HTC One M9 should, definitely have the success of its predecessor which is known by its sophisticated design. Photos point out that the M9 might have a similar design as its ancestor but it also took some elements from the iPhone (see the sides of the new M9).


M9 with elements of iPhone.jpg


HTC One M9 specifications

By its design and build-in quality the device should have 5.0 inches Full HD display. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor will work with 3 gigabytes of RAM memory, whilst the rear camera will reborn from 4 megapixels to 20 megapixels! Furthermore the selfi camera is considered to also enlarge it megapixels, which can be seen from the photos.


M9 selfi.jpg

HTC One M9 is coming with the new Android Lollipop Operative System and the newest Sense user interface.

These images are made by the German designer Jonas Daehnert, who put out some random photos of this particular model, entitled as “PhoneDesigner”.




    • galin
    • 19/02/2015

    I bought htc one m8 in february and it really serves me good. It is really a good model.

    • parks daniel
    • 03/03/2015

    WOW very nice description!!and awesome mobile.. whats the price ? BTW I found a new kind of smartphone coming soon to the markets..

      • Administrator
      • 05/03/2015

      Hello, thank you for your comment. It is rumoured that this smartphone will have a high price range, between 700 and 800 euros but that is really a good price having in mind its 3GB RAM memory, the internal memory of 32GB and the possibility to enlarge the memory with 128GB. Not to mention its gigantic camera of 20.7MP. For any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards,!

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