Infographic – shrinking price of mobile phones

In today’s way of living, with mobile phones everything is possible. Information is available on every step, and web is transforming towards mobile optimization.


Infographic mobile phones

But can you remember what your first mobile phone? Let’s forget about these new smartphones generation and let’s see what was 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago. We present you over infographics mobile phones for price and dimensions history.

Follow us, we will give you more interesting infographic about mobile phones.



    • Omar
    • 04/08/2012

    Hey all, I just want to buy this Nokia 5530 XM, and when I see the phone compare with Nokia 5800 XM.. OMG! Nokia 5800 XM is much betetr than Nokia 5530 XM, OMG! I’m really excited using the Nokia 5800 XM (Actually I buy Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Pink) and I’m really satisfied with Nokia 5800 XM because it has bigger screen, really really good speaker and earphone,gps 3g.

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