What are the best speakers smartphone can have?

People use their smartphones every day. When it comes to buying, the first things that pop-up are battery life, processor quality, and camera. Excellent audio components and the best speakers smartphone can have, are not perceived as a priority or necessity. But, with the expansion of social media, and video content this image is rapidly changing in the last couple of months. Recently the best speakers smartphone can have become a must on a quality device.

On the other hand, in 2013, Dolby scientists wanted to now exactly how important audio features are. They have teamed up with Parks Associates to do a market research. The survey was given to approximately 1000 consumers in five countries – USA, France, China, Germany and South Corea. Even back then, the results have shown that audio quality and the best speakers smartphone can have are a critical purchase feature for 72% of users. Those consumers mostly use mobile media and are considered to be heavy users. The reason why this smartphone specification is so important, according to the respondents, is because they use their phones for watching movies and videos. Now, in the era of social media expansion, which includes posting and watching videos, the importance of this type of output is exponentially increasing. And this is why having the best speakers smartphone can have becames a priority.


What should you look for in audio output?

Just like there is various hardware specifications, there are also many audio configurations. Audio chips vary from one manufacturer to another, with some opting in user experience, which depends on smartphone’s chipset. Samsung and Apple are known to use Wolfson Microelectronics and Cirrus Logic, to increase the volume and audio characteristics. On the other hand, HTC is using Dolby Digital chips in their smartphones to get quality sound.

A quality chipset for the audio component is something that is a prefix for the best speakers smartphone can have, but they are not a guarantee of the best audio.

What are the best speakers smartphone can have?

We present you six smartphones that are considered to have best audio features in 2016:

1. Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6S has a one-speaker design, which produces very quality sound, but not enough loudness as it should, considering that it is their newest product series. Because it is not loud enough, it can’t be used in a crowded environment. Having two-speaker design is a must!

There is a huge difference between lows, mids, and highs. Lows and sub-bass have a good response, while the mids don’t. The highs are also not at it’s best – this smartphone is focusing more on the low frequencies. There was no sound distortion or phone vibration. Speaker is positioned in the bottom-hand of the corner, which is not very practical for the users who are holding it in their right hand. Maybe iPhone 6S doesn’t have the best speakers smartphone can have, but the ones that are built-in can satisfy an average user.

2. HTC One M9

HTC One M9 is the phone with quite a good speaker, but, just like previously mentioned smartphone, lacks when it comes to loudness. It has BoomSound and Dolby Audio chips. The speaker is placed on the front, which gives excellent audio for playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, by comparing this phone to some others, that have front-end speakers, users can hear that it’s volume is not satisfying at all – it is not loud enough.

The sub-bass is a little bit weak, mid-ranges are average, but the highs are incredible and are giving this phone something special. The best thing is that there is no sound distortion at maximum level. Unfortunately, the phone does slightly vibrate on the backside, but if you don’t use the maximum volume, you will not even notice this little flaw.

3. LG G5

LG G5 also has one speaker design and for that type of audio features, it’s performance is excellent. However, a huge flaw is almost non-existent sub-bass. The reproduction of midrange is quite good, while the high-range is very well built. We could say that LG G5 is close enough to the perfection and that it has one of the best speakers smartphone can have out there.


Here is some information about speaker:

– it is placed backward, on the left-hand corner of the phone (which is great if you like to hold your phone in the right hand);
– at the maximum volume, there are no distortion or phone vibration;
– they produce satisfying loudness.

4. Microsoft Lumia 950

Speakers on this phone are average quality, with average specifications and proper placement. Sub-bass range is almost non-existent, living you with no low-end frequencies. The mid-range is very accurate, just like the high frequencies.

There is a single backward speaker, which can produce ranges well thanks to its design. On the back of the phone, there is also a camera, which sticks out and is preventing the sound to be reduced in any way. There are no sound distortions or noticeable vibrations. Final verdict: Microsoft Lumia 950 has the best speakers smartphone can have in the Windows phone family!

5. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 has the same speakers as Samsung Galaxy S6. However, audio and volume quality are increased, and it is a little bit louder. There is a single downward speaker design, located at the hand bottom corner of the phone, which is not suitable for consumers who hold it their right hand.

Advantages and shortcomings of the speakers are:

– distortions or vibrations of any kind are non-existent;
– the low range frequencies are almost not noticeable (which doesn’t impact on full experience while you are watching a movie);
– mids sound a little bit unnatural;
– the highest range is impressive.

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the best speakers smartphone can have on the market.

6. Sony Xperia Z5

Speaker’s performance on this smartphone is quite good. Soundstage reproduction and creating good stereo sound are its fundamental advantages. Sony Experia Z5 has dual front-end speakers. In comparison with HTC One M9, which also has front-end speakers, Sony has much better speaker design – they are almost hidden behind the screen. The phone is not that loud.

Low-range frequencies are almost non-existent. The mids are optimal and accurate, and the high-end range is impressive. There was no sound distortion, but the had very noticeable vibrations. And, we could say that we have our winner and that Sony Xperia Z5 has the best speakers smartphone can have at the moment.

Which one to choose? We have two options for you. If you are looking for the best speakers smartphone can have, which you can mostly use for watching movies, videos and playing video games, then you should go with Sony Xperia Z5. However, if the position of the speaker is not that important feature for you, and you still want an excellent sound, we suggest LG G5. Either way, you will not make a mistake if you decide to go with any of the smartphones listed here.



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