HTC Sense 6.0 features

We are dying for 25th of March when HTC will introduce its new HTC One (M8). In addition to the new flagship model, HTC also made new HTC Sense 6.0, according to the latest rumors. While the look and features of the new HTC One are less or more already known, the presentation of HTC Sense 6.0 could be a big deal. Logically, we expect HTC Sense 6.0 right up with new HTC One, which should put HTC in a position to fight with Samsung and Sony, that already have models with KitKat Android operating system. (more…)

Obama moves to Android!?

U.S. President Barack Obama is certainly the most famous user of BlackBerry smartphones. One of the most powerful people in the world often complains that he can’t use the iPhone, which is of course the symbol of American technological dream. The reason for this is security concerns. Therefore, Obama used a modified BlackBerry, but this could be changed in the months in front of us. The U.S. media reports that there is a chance that Obama gets phone with Android operating system. (more…)

Cheap iPhone 5C comes to Europe

Apple is ready to offer cheap iPhone 5C. The new version of the “affordable” iPhone is already coming to offer through the European network of tech stores. It’s an iPhone 5C with 8GB of internal memory. Cheap iPhone 5C already arrived in a big part of European market. For example in the UK cheap iPhone 5C costs £ 430, which is £ 40 less than the model with 16GB of storage. This device is expected in America, where this phone should costs about $499. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 shipping delay

11th April continues to be the date when the new Samsung Galaxy S5 should go to the official sale. However, there has been speculations that in some markets Samsung could start selling its new leading smartphone even before. It is planned that during the first half of April, Samsung Galaxy S5 goes to 150 countries around the world. However, some countries such as Malaysia, announced that new Galaxy goes in sales by the end of March. And while everyone is waiting for Galaxy S5 to come in their country, we received new information indicating that the sell of this great device may be delayed. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Golden review

Is the time of flip phones gone? Think again, because the scene now belongs to Samsung Galaxy Golden. This phone is different from all that Samsung has produced so far. Samsung Galaxy Golden is not an example of originality, but it certainly is different than others. This phone brings the tendency from a few years ago. However, Samsung Galaxy Golden has something that makes it unique. Its dual screen is something that will grab your attention, and attention of all. Will everyone like it is another question. (more…)

HTC Desire 501 review

HTC Desire 501 comes as a successor of the Desire 500. Because of that it has similar features as a precursor and dual SIM option. However, unlike the older model, the new HTC Desire 501 has fresh look, 3G connection (though only the main SIM card), more internal memory and a more generous battery. Because of this, and affordability that comes with HTC Desire 501, it may be a good choice for those who need a very solid characteristics of a smartphone, and at the same time they want to get rid of the burden of carrying two phones all the time. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 review

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is a phone that invokes the new technologies in a single device. This phone with 4G connectivity is one of the cheapest of its kind, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. In general, it’s a middle class phone with sufficient 4.5- inch screen and a dual-core processor. Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is a pretty solid phone with a slightly higher price as a biggest drawback. Express 2 is a phone that can be interesting for those who are looking for advanced features of smartphones, but they’re not willing to pay several hundred euros for the models in the premium segment. (more…)

Cortana Windows Phone voice assistant

Microsoft is ready to within the new Windows Phone 8.1 version of its popular mobile platform present something that this fast growing operating system was missing so far. It’s the competitor for well-known services Siri and Google Now. This Microsoft’s personal assistant has been spotted previously in some photos and screenshots, but now we have a chance to see it for the first time in a video. It shows how Cortana (the service is called that way) really works. (more…)

Apple vs Samsung verdict

Apple vs Samsung. Yup, this is one of the biggest court cases concerning the protection of patents in the field of modern technology. The aim for Apple was to prove that Samsung unauthorizedly used patents owned by the company from Cupertino. It seems that Apple won in that battle. The epilogue is as following. Samsung is obligated to pay Apple in damages $ 930 million, but the American company requested also a ban on sales of Samsung’s devices in American market. But, the court rejected this request. This means that the Apple vs Samsung battle for every consumer in this rich market continues. (more…)

LG G Flex design award

LG G Flex is one of the most original devices today. At the same time, it is one of the most recognizable smart phones on the market. Apart from the curved shape of the body and the screen, LG G Flex has a great specification that allows it to be equal to the best phone in the premium category. In addition, LG G Flex won another award for its unusual occurrence. This time it is the iF Design Awards, where this fantastic phone won in the competition of 74 products. (more…)

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