HTC Butterfly S in on its way

HTC Butterfly S

HTC Butterfly SHTC Butterfly group has a new member. His name is Butterfly S and to say right now, it doesn’t looks different that any other model from this family. If we look at this phone as successor of HTC Droid DNA, which made its debut last year, Butterfly S in a way of design hasn’t to offer something more that Droid DNA already had. Actual Butterfly S looks like Droid’s twin brother. But, let’s be honest. Every manufacturer has its own design lines and it doesn’t want to change them so easily. (more…)

Golden Galaxy S4

golden galaxy s4

golden galaxy s4Call him Mister Goldy! It’s a new king of Samsung’s kingdom! We all know that Sammy is capable of production almost everything. They just love to manufacture LCD TVs, tablets, smart and regular phones. Their annual production is probably equal to production of several other manufacturers, or at least similar to it. Since they are enjoying to cook all the time, why they wouldn’t try to bake a fresh new cake. The obviously don’t care about their grandma’s recipes and it seems to have something another on their minds. Sammy likes to be modern and leader of innovation, and there is nothing scary about it. Galaxy S4 is strong player, but do that player need more style and luxury? Perhaps. That’s why Samsung is pulling out their big gun – golden Galaxy S4! (more…)

Symbian goes into history


symbianThis year earlier we have written about the Nokia 808 PureView as a true successor to the successful tradition of making a serious camera phone from Nokia. Now we have a new message arrived which says that this phone is the last to feature the Symbian operating system. So, Nokia says goodbye to the Symbian audience all over the world. This platform, which was once regarded as the most popular in the world, goes to a well deserved retirement and gives its place to some younger platforms, such as Android and iOS. (more…)

iOS 7 release


ios7End it was a time for Apple to do something. When you have an Android for competitor, you just have to push up your limits all the time. That’s the case with their iOS, which took several updates from 2007, but without any crucial changes. The base remain the same, but as you know, the changes are real need, and you have to have them from time to time. And Apple did it. This big company introduced new iOS 7. The creators say that there is a plenty of changes, especially when it comes to design and new features, as also as quick access to system settings and AirDrop feature for files exchange. (more…)

BlackBerry A10 is BlackBerry Z10 successor

BlackBerry a10

BlackBerry a10You are a fan of BlackBerry? You just love BlackBerry Z10? Then it’s all about the love to this really unique manufacturer of smartphones. BlackBerry has a tradition and it has a ground of creation of classy and business smartphones that actually changes the view of future phones in the eyes of consumers, but also in the eyes of manufactures. We all know really good QWERTY side of story, and many of us, even nowadays, can’t just separate from this easy-typing system. But, since time is passing by us very fast, BlackBerry had to do something with itself. The time was ruthless to this Canadian company, so they had to leave the tradition by the side and to catch the last train to survive. (more…)

Galaxy S4 Active is waterproof Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 Activ

You want water resistant Samsung Galaxy S4? You feel the current one isn’t just enough? Even if it is considered as the best smartphone on entire planet? Then… it’s ok. You don’t have to worry too much. Speed of light of mobile phones progress is here. After some months of introducing Samsung Galaxy S4, we are very close to reach another big boss here. It’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – a smartphone that doesn’t recognize any problems with dust or water. So! Dust in the wind is just a song, but not a problem for this big shot! (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 of 8 and 10 inches coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Eight or ten inches – the choice is yours. And if you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3rd generation, then you have to satisfy with the announce of big brother Samsung that the market will soon receive two tablets from this series. Logical, 8 and 10 are the most important numbers, because screens will be given in those sizes. That practically means that already present tablet of 7 inches will soon get company – two bigger brothers are coming with new features, especially when it comes to the most important things on them. (more…)

Sony has introduced Xperia UL

During yesterday Sony presented their new smartphone Xperia UL in Japan. Sony has introduced Xperia UL as a phone that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Sony has introduced Xperia UL with a 5 inch 1080p display, and it is the same display that the high class Xperia Z has on board, and the Xperia Z is known as the Samsung I9505 S4’s main rival. So we are talking about high quality stuff here. In addition to the fantastic display, the Xperia UL is equipped with a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor, with Adreno 320 GPU, with 2GB of RAM memory, and all of these technical features lead us to the only logical conclusion: the Xperia UL is a “beast” among the smartphones of today! (more…)

It is absolutely undeniable that we are living in an era of smartphones. Despite their shortcomings, which are being polished over daily, smartphones have engrained themselves in most aspects of our lives, as the convenience they bring cannot be scoffed at even by the largest cynics. Seeing how allpervasive they are, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of insight of what is currently going on with these devices, as well as some predictions on the direction in which they seem to be heading. (more…)

Lumia 928 news

lumia 928

There is one more story about desirable Nokia Lumia 928. Some time before we were writing about first details of this smartphone, which should be a real heal to Nokia’s wounds. It seems that Nokia putted all its best into this model. And we know why it’s so. Finish manufacturer wants to compete with tough competitors – Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. The main reason for this kind of Nokia’s behavior is that Lumia 928 has a great camera, which is obviously from the video below. That camera should be significantly better that the ones from the mentioned competitors. Especially when it comes to low light situations. (more…)

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