5 Key Methods to Keep your Phone’s Battery going on and on!

Everyone who is using an Android smartphone or a phablet has one thing in common, a battery that dies very fast. Usually the battery of smartphones last barely a day, but we have a few examples where the battery runs more than one working day: Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (4100 mAh), Alcatel Hero (3400 mAh), Sony Xperia Z3 (3100 mAh), Xiaomi MI 4 and MI 3 (3080 mAh), LG G3 (3000 mAh), etc. The splendid news is that there are 5 key methods to keep your phone’s battery going on and on. It will take you just a few steps to have a strong Android device again.


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1. Cut down the Brightness of the Screen

The number one advice when you want your battery to last longer is to cut down the brightness of the screen. From the main menu click on “Settings”, then “Display”, choose “Brightness” where you can lower the brightness and while you are there you can also reduce the “Screen timeout” from 30 seconds to 15 seconds (Screen timeout represents the time that the display is active before it turns off). It is advisable to turn down the brightness before you go to sleep.


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2. Cut the Apps that are running Non-Stop

We recommend to users to check frequently the apps that are running because there are literally killing the phone. The most consuming apps are the Google Play Services and the Social Networks (Facebook). When we do not want to use the app we usually minimize the window, but the app is still active, and we are not even aware that the app is there.


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To check which app is wasting the battery, go to “Settings”, then “Battery” and you will have listed the items that are eating the battery, and there you can also find the apps which are still running.


3. Power Saving Mode

Many Android smartphones/phablets have an available option which saves the battery, when it is enabled. We tested the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has the power saving mode, but we are sure the Motorola’s, Sony’s, HTC’s and other brand’s devices have this option accessible also. We suggest turning this mode on, when your phone has a low percentage of power.  The devices that have the newest Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operative system have this mode integrated and it saves a lot of power per day (a half an hour per day).


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To activate this mode, go to “Settings”, then “My device” and check the “Power saving mode”.


4. Switch off GPS location method

It is great that you can track your location and save your favourite places by using GPS but this one and other apps like Google Maps, unfortunately wear out the battery of your Android phone.


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Go to “Settings”, find “Locations” and you will be able to disable the location tracker.


5. Disable Motions and Gestures

Controlling the device with some peculiar gestures or motions are some of the remarkable features that every device should have but this also causes the battery to run out of power, so make sure you do not use them very often.


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We also advise that you turn off unnecessary sounds and vibrations like “vibrate on touch”, “unlocking the screen sound”. Also avoid putting animated wall covers and make sure you turn off Bluetooth and NFC after using it. Now that you know how to save the battery life make sure you use it once in a while.

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