Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - remarkable sale results

12 Nov 29

This South Korean company strengthens its leadership every day, and the latest release of the company, their “phablet” Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Sony, and their competitor for Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

12 Nov 23

Since their Sony Ericsson split, this company managed to reclaim and improve their image of a top mobile phone production company


Android rules the world

12 Nov 06

The share of Android operating system on mobile phones has increased worldwide, and continues to grow as the most popular operating system.


Gingerbread is the most dominant Android OS

12 Feb 09

Web site presented results of their research for market share of Android OS. Main parameter was access and downloads from Android Market. Research for two weeks, until 1st of February.


Android in U.S. military

12 Feb 06

CNN broadcasted the news that US military is testing devices based on Android platform for some time, and they need confirmation that it's safe to use.

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