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Meet ultra safe Blackphone

Concern about your privacy? Who isn’t!? You probably have heard about the wiretapping world leaders conducted by the U.S. Security Service NSA. The scandal was so big that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the subject of this operation. After this wiretapping was discovered, is there any way to protect your smartphone privacy? Well, yes! And you don’t have to be president or prime minister to afford such phones which protect your calls and internet traffic. The Blackphone is a solution for your nightmares.  (more…)

Buy Putin’s iPhone 5S for $ 4.300

Fans of Vladimir Putin now can finally have a real souvenir that will remind them every day of their loyalty to the Russian president. Gold-plated iPhone 5S now has a specific target group. This iPhone is different from any other with a gold surface, because it has engraved figure of Vladimir Putin at the back. For you who care about Putin’s face staying close to you all the time, this Putin’s iPhone 5S is a real thing. (more…)

If you are used to wearing a wristwatch, then you are ready to move to the next level. Almost all the manufacturers have in their offer smartwatches. The concept of smartwatches is based on connecting with smartphones. Through a wireless connection, these watches are associated with phones and display on small screen the most important information we receive via phone. In that way you can leave phone in your pocket, and easily make calls, send messages, access the Internet, check your physical health and of course know what time it is at any moment. But, have you heard of the smart wristband? Does Fitbit Flex rings you bell? (more…)

A Chromebook as an alternative to Windows XP

The people are simply in love with Windows XP. After Microsoft announced that this OS is going to be out of support, many users start asking themselves what shell they do now. From now they can’t rely on the system they has been using for a years. The simplicity and the beauty of easy use of Win XP was giving us is now under the mark of quaestion, just because Microsoft want to go on and continue on developing Windows 8. So, the question is which OS should we turn to now? For some Linux is an alternative, but many of us are still out of the question about the “penguin” platform. What else do we have? Mac is not as close same as Windows and Apple is overpricing its devices. Well, the only real option is Chromebook. This Google developed devices could be something Windows laptops were all these years. (more…)

Viber sold for $900 million

One of the most popular instant messaging and VOIP service – Viber, gets a new owner. After Facebook has overtaken WhatsApp, now Viber goes into the hands of new owners. Japanese Internet giant Rakuten is willing to pay for “purple application” $ 900 million, which is the best confirmation of how the apps for free calls and messaging have become a highly profitable business. As pointed out by Rakuten leaders, goal of this acquisition is to enable the expansion of digital content in the emerging markets. Viber, which currently has about 300 million users, is the best way to do that. Let’s believe them so. (more…)

Obama moves to Android!?

U.S. President Barack Obama is certainly the most famous user of BlackBerry smartphones. One of the most powerful people in the world often complains that he can’t use the iPhone, which is of course the symbol of American technological dream. The reason for this is security concerns. Therefore, Obama used a modified BlackBerry, but this could be changed in the months in front of us. The U.S. media reports that there is a chance that Obama gets phone with Android operating system. (more…)

Cortana Windows Phone voice assistant

Microsoft is ready to within the new Windows Phone 8.1 version of its popular mobile platform present something that this fast growing operating system was missing so far. It’s the competitor for well-known services Siri and Google Now. This Microsoft’s personal assistant has been spotted previously in some photos and screenshots, but now we have a chance to see it for the first time in a video. It shows how Cortana (the service is called that way) really works. (more…)

Apple vs Samsung verdict

Apple vs Samsung. Yup, this is one of the biggest court cases concerning the protection of patents in the field of modern technology. The aim for Apple was to prove that Samsung unauthorizedly used patents owned by the company from Cupertino. It seems that Apple won in that battle. The epilogue is as following. Samsung is obligated to pay Apple in damages $ 930 million, but the American company requested also a ban on sales of Samsung’s devices in American market. But, the court rejected this request. This means that the Apple vs Samsung battle for every consumer in this rich market continues. (more…)

Facebook drones!?

Facebook is not just a social network. It ‘s much more than that, and as the things are going, it’s just a matter of time when it will become a kingdom for itself. In fact, after Facebook bought WhatsApp for more that $16 billion, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has a new business plan. This time it isn’t anything about a service based on Internet, but, believe it or not, the production of drones. Facebook is in talks on acquisition of Titan Aerospace, which manufactures solar drones. Facebook drones would be able to fly at high altitudes and to spend in the air up to five years! (more…)

WhatsApp – sold to Facebook

Facebook is overtaking WhatsApp! It’s news that stirred the people worldwide. The company that owns the most popular social network in the world is ready to pay for the popular messaging services a whopping $ 16 billion. Of course, the big players like Facebook don’t pay this much money in cash, so the mix of payment methods is gonna mark one of the largest of transactions over the past few years. (more…)

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