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Essential Phone – another false promise?

Essential Phone is old news, but it just got hot in the last few days because we continually see reports of company failure. Will Essential survive or not is still unknown, but we hope for the best. While we’re waiting to see what will happen, we will go back in time and try to figure out is Essential Phone just another false promise or is it “the one that is missing” in the smartphone world.


What are the best speakers smartphone can have?

People use their smartphones every day. When it comes to buying, the first things that pop-up are battery life, processor quality, and camera. Excellent audio components and the best speakers smartphone can have, are not perceived as a priority or necessity. But, with the expansion of social media, and video content this image is rapidly changing in the last couple of months. Recently the best speakers smartphone can have become a must on a quality device.


Sony Xperia Smartphone Family

Sony Xperia smartphones are one of the most popular devices on the market. Sony has quite an aggressive release policy, and that is the main reason why we can enjoy in a few new Sony Xperia smartphones twice a year, since 2010.

Today, we will tell you a story about Sony Xperia smartphones and make a short overview of the most successful devices from this phone family.


The latest trend in the smartphone world is mobile payments, and we had a chance to finally see how this system works in 2015. The biggest players in the mobile payments market are the same ones who are leading the smartphone industry: Apple, Samsung and Google. Apple introduced Apple Pay in late 2014, but it started to gain attention in the middle of 2015. By the end of the year, two other companies arrived at the mobile payments arena – Google, by renaming and overhauling Google Wallet to Android Pay; and afterwards, Samsung, by launching its Samsung Pay service.


Kids and Mobile Games – CONS and PROS

We live in a digital age, and digital devices and mobile games are becoming more and more popular among people of all ages, especially children. This is the sign that digital generation has now arrived. Many studies are showing that mobile-device use among very young children is growing rapidly, especially compared to other mediums. This fact is confirmed by a new report of Common Sense Media, indicating that nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences.


What is Retina Display? And Other Display Names

What is Retina display? What is Sony Triluminos? AMOLED Plus? Clear Black? Pure Motion? And all the other dazzling names that smartphone manufacturers are using to amaze us. Believe it or not, these are all merely names that big companies are creating to brand smartphone displays that they are developing. What is the difference between these displays and what’s so special about them, we will find out today. We will help you demystify display brand names!


How to save your contact list from your Android phone?

Do you remember a time when no mobile phones were around and we used to write all the contact numbers in an address book? Some of you might say: “Those were the days”, but only the ones who forgot to bring their tiny address books with them or even lost them know how tiring must have been to rewrite all the phone numbers again.

Today you have a simpler way to preserve the contact list- mobile phones, SD cards and Google accounts! So you have 2 in 1 in your pocket: an address book and a phone. But what to do when your mobile phone brakes down or it gets stolen? There is a great possibility that you will lose your entire contact list from your mobile phone. Today we will tell you how to prevent this from happening by showing you how to save your contact list from your Android phone. (more…)

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