HTC Desire 500

HTC wants to join the fight for the emerging markets, where typically are dominated middle and lower price models. As a classic example of this aim is HTC Desire 500, a model that looks youthful and sporty, and which mixes elements of low and mid-range when it comes to hardware. All this comes at a cost, which we can say that is decent.


HTC Desire 500 design

HTC Desire 500_1

First and foremost is how the phone looks. HTC Desire 500 seems kind of easy and really refreshing. No classic combination of black and gray, already the white, blue and black as this phone provides a casual look that appeals to young people. However, HTC Desire 500 is produced in the black version too, so if you find this too “teen” you can always choose “hard rock” classic version.

HTC Desire 500_3

HTC Desire 500_4The phone is made ​​of plastic, but the quality is very high. Plastic is “resistant“ to the fingerprints and almost always stays shiny. It is commendable that the HTC for this model predicted the opening of the casing beneath which are replaceable battery, micro SD and micro SIM slots.
As with most of today’s phones, the background is slightly rugged, and HTC Desire 500 fits nicely in your hand and can be easily used with one hand. We can not say the same for the keys that are a little harder to press. The opposite are capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen, which are readily available and quickly react to touch. Speaking about the side keys, they look very nice, so if that’s important to someone that’s a good thing for sure.




HTC Desire 500 screen

HTC Desire 500_5

With a 4.3-inch, we can say that the HTC Desire 500 is one of those phones that you will make you to use your other hand. When it comes to quality, it is the LCD screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels and a density of 217 pixels per inch. This means the screen is quite decent, with very correct colours and viewing angles. The screen relatively well reacts to sunlight, so there is no worry about that.


HTC Desire 500 specs

HTC Desire 500_6

Desire 500 comes with a quad-core processor, and at first glance could be a factor of pleasant surprises. However, it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, for which we can not say it’s a sprinter, because at 1.2 GHz paired with 1GB of RAM doesn’t give impressive results. It doesn’t mean phone don’t respond to the tasks, but for doing work sometimes it takes some time, especially if some games are concerned.


Another objection is only 4GB of memory installed, of which hardly anything left over 1GB to a user. Fortunately, there is a micro SD expansion which somehow can overcome this problem.


HTC Desire 500 isn’t a 4G phone. However, in developing countries there is almost no access to LTE connection, so this is not a major drawback. Among other connections there are Wi – Fi , Bluetooth 4.0, NFC.


When the battery is concerned, we have already said that it is changeable, or it can be removed. It has 1800mAh, which is enough for approximately 12 hours of talk time over 3G, which is the result above average. Since the processor and the screen are not “hungry” of energy, HTC Desire 500 will easily withstand all day of usage.


HTC Desire 500 camera

HTC Desire 500_8

8MP camera equipped with an LED flash and HTC Sense application provides a list of modes and effects, including the panoramic and macro shots in low light conditions. Quality is as expected and the colours are beautifully displayed. When the video is concerned, the situation is slightly worse, but the 720p resolution at 24 frames per second and can offer some great results.



HTC Desire 500 conclusion

HTC Desire 500_7

Desire 500 is a very solid device that provides lower class display and processor, but still does a really good job. Its 8MP camera and eye catching design are main attributes of this sleek phone. With a little hiccups from time to time and the keys which ask for a time to get used on them, it seems that HTC Desire 500 has very good price-quality ratio. The problem for this model may represent pushy competition where are LG Optimus L7 II, two SONY Xperias (L and SP), although the LG Optimus L9 is not far from this class.






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