Nokia Lumia 525 review

Nokia has specialized in affordable Windows Phone devices. There is no dilemma about it. Following the model of Lumia 520, which is also the best-selling Windows Phone phone, arrives its successor Lumia 525. With this cheeky low cost phone Finnish company is trying to make another best seller. Somehow expected, Nokia Lumia 525 is not much different from its predecessors. Nokia has used an existing processor, camera, screen, memory and design and that’s why we ask ourselves whether Lumia 525 is a new phone or a new name for the Lumia 520?


Lumia 525 design

In visual terms, almost all Lumia models look the same. How to distinguish Lumia 525 and the Lumia 520 is a separate issue. The design of both phones is identical. This means quite a square shape (which is a requirement for Windows Phone 8 platform). Since this is budget model you should not be surprised that the screen dominates the front side, but on the edges of the screen there is a lot of plastic. However, the display is nicely centered, and therefore is easy to use. Below it there are the standard capacitive buttons. There is also a microphone and earpiece, but no front-facing camera.

Nokia Lumia 525_1

No matter the sharp edges of the front, the side edges are rounded and therefore Lumia 525 fits perfectly in hand. Having 11.2 mm at the waist, Lumia 525 is not too slim device, but it is not a particular problem. Generally phone seems a bit chubby, but it is not heavy because there is moderate 124g in weight.

The build quality is high. Although the body of the phone is made of plastic, Lumia 525 looks firmly and Nokia continues the tradition of producing unbreakable devices. The phone comes in several colors. White version has a slightly glossy plastic, while other colors exude mat surface.

Nokia Lumia 525_3

The back of the phone is removable, and in this way you can reach the micro SD slot, micro SIM slot and a battery that can be changed.


Lumia 525 screen

Lumia 525 has the same screen as its predecessor. This means cheap and somewhat outdated technology. It is a 4-inch IPS TFT LCD panel with 800×400 pixels resolution. If we know that the same price range phones now have 720p screens, it is clear that Nokia is behind the competition in this segment. With 233 pixels per inch, the screen gives a lot of visible pixels. Fortunately, the text is well displayed. Figure lacks purity, but luckily the colors are nicely presented. When exposed to sunlight, the visibility is good, and they’re good viewing angles too. The screen has automatically lighting adjustment and it works quite nicely.

Nokia Lumia 525_4

Screen, such as those from the more expensive Lumia models, offers the option to use with gloves on, so you will not have to buy special gloves when the cold days come. However, this use of the screen consumes extra energy, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Also, the screen can wake up by double tapping.


Lumia 525 performance

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is the driving heart of the phone. It is already seen at Lumia 520. This processor was introduced before the end of 2012, which means it’s outdated. With 1GHz you can hardly expect blasting results. The only serious difference from its predecessor is the increased RAM memory, and that’s it.

Nokia Lumia 525_5

Lumia 525 has 8GB of internal memory (OS takes 2.39 GB). Fortunately, the memory can be expanded, but all the applications have to be installed on the internal memory.

However, the phone works quite solid. Applications open quickly, and it seems that the 1GB is enough for decent multitasking.


Lumia 525 camera

This Lumia has a 5MP camera. In order to price down the phone, the camera does not have optical image stabilization, as well as the flash. We already mentioned the lack of a front camera. Therefore, the camera takes decent photos, but nothing more. The colors in the photos are a little washed. Even with excellent brightness, pictures just can not get any better. In low and artificial light photos are weaker, especially since there is no flash.

Nokia Lumia 525_6

Taking video is just like with photos. Without a lot of pixels and stabilization it just can not be good. However sound recording is good, but it’s just not enough.


Lumia 525 conclusion

Lumia 525 bases its desire for success on a low price. In general, it is a copied model Lumia 520, with a slightly increased RAM. Most of us would expect that the price is the same. However, the Lumia 525 will cost somewhat more, and it may be unjustified. If you do not have a need for demanding applications and video games, the Lumia 520 is imposed as a better solution. However, if you want an affordable phone with much better features, you can consider the Moto G.





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