Buy Putin's iPhone 5S for $ 4.300


Putin's iPhone 5S is different from any other with a gold surface, cause it has engraved figure of Vladimir Putin at the back. For you who cares about Putin


Fitbit Flex is new concept of smart wristbands


Does Fitbit Flex rings you bell? If you are used to wearing a wristwatch, then you are ready to move to the next level. Fitbit Flex is a smart wristband.


A Chromebook as an alternative to Windows XP


Microsoft want to go on and continue on developing Windows 8. So, the question is which OS should replace Windows XP? The only real option is Chromebook.


Viber sold for $900 million


One of the most popular instant messaging and VOIP service Viber gets a new owner. After Facebook has overtaken WhatsApp, now Viber goes into the new hands.


Obama moves to Android!?


U.S. President Barack Obama is certainly the most famous user of BlackBerry smartphones. But, there is a chance that Obama gets smartphone with Android OS.

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