Smartphone Android low cost

Google launched its Android mobile operating system in 2008: in a few years, the robot of the house of Mountain View has made great strides, drawing in not only the curiosity of enthusiasts and experts in the field, but heavily influencing the whole the smartphone market, smartphones that have long since passed as the classic mobile phone sales.

Android spite of everything is still the most widespread (but will soon) is second only to Symbian operating system old town of Nokia, which now is giving way to Windows phones from Microsoft that has acquired the Finnish company.

Why Android is so widespread? Meanwhile, because due to its initial design and long range, it has become the only alternative to iOS than Android. Then why over the years has implemented functionality and ideas captured by the users, which over the years have become more and more and that allowed Android to become a social operating system.


But Android has spread so much because unlike iOS has had the ability to be installed on low-cost smartphones, taking advantage of Google, have been able to gain market share, reaching even clients who were not prepared to purchase a device of the genre.

In particular today with its Alcatel OT890, offered to the public at a price of 79 € is the cheapest Android smartphone on the market. Of course, do not expect great things from this terminal, but the presence of Android combined with sufficient hardware features (600Mhz processor, display 320x240pixel, 2mp camera) makes it a product with an excellent quality / price ratio.


Of course, the most important partner of Android, Samsung, has marketed low cost Android smartphone: This is the next Galaxy, offered to the public at 129 Euros. Obviously compared to Alcatel is a smartphone from all over, faster and generally with a better build quality, typical of the products of the Korean house.

Finally, if it is not the appearance that matters for your money with the same price of the Galaxy Next you can get the LG Optimum Life, which has a multitouch display, 3MP camera and connections of all kinds.


In short, Android will continue to spread and so much more phone manufacturers worldwide will continue to bring to market low-cost smartphone with Google’s operating system.



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