iWatch from Apple

Maybe headline should stand: Apple is creating computer that we can wear!

iWatch is for your daily tasks, but with a support from Siri (your personal assistant developed by Apple) you can access to all files and data stored in iCloud from your iPhone, iPad or iMac. If you are not in position to access to iCloud, use iWatch to transfer all data to and from your Apple devices. Pretty nice, isn’t it?


iWatch from Apple


It’s definitive key for new era with Siri assistant and it’s still new concept. With a iWatch, you will have small device to use as a bridge between iPhone, iPod, and many other Apple gadgets. Knowing that Apple is working on new concept of television, it’s for sure that you will be able to use it for Apple TV, as well. So, you get sort of iWatch TV!


Apple is working on new technologies, but only improving them, but making evolution in their segments. With this iWatch, you can be 100% mobile, but you can always access to all files that you need. Don’t mention the Siri assistant, which is on the beginning  of its glory. This application will become the top story in the future.


We can only wait what will bring us Apple TV, what was already presented as complete new experience of television.



    • Prasanth
    • 04/08/2012

    If Siri sounded like Jessica Alba I’d def. get it. A cermaa and some simple upgrades are great for the newbies. But it’s gonna be hard for most iPhone 4 to make the switch. If they just wait until March to July of 2012 then the iPhone 4S buyers will be kicking themselves in the ass big time. Can’t wait until iPhone 5 comes out. There will be a sleaker design as well. They are working on it as I type this. It’s gonna be so nice. And yes Steve Jobs had everything to do with the iPhone 5 decisions.

      • Administrator
      • 19/08/2012

      I think that we all are still not aware of the genius that we lost with Steve Jobs..

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