Carefully with downloading free applications

It seems that hackers are dangerously playing with Android. According to the company Juniper Networks, devices that use this operating system have found themselves in the top of the virus installation. In recent months the number of infected phones increased by 472%. As it states in the report, the main suspects are hackers with criminal background, who once “operated” on the PC, but because Android devices have the highest rate of growth in sales, they are reoriented.

Increasing number of viruses for Android

The greatest potential threat comes from the applications that are free to download on Google’s online store Android Market, or elsewhere on the internet where you can usually download the application for this platform. An additional problem is that Google does not control the applications that are placed on their “markets”. Only when an application makes enough problems, Google will remove them.

As expected, most of this software comes from the Far East, primarily from China. Luckily, the report shows that the majority of viruses are found on the online market just in this part of the world.

Secure Android?

The assumption is that the hackers who launched against Android’s, once  PC, are specialized in attacks on Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems. However, as the market share of the OS is very small, it is clear why they turned to Android. Users are given the advice to be careful when download applications and protect their devices, especially with anti-virus programs for smart phones.

If Android is not really good – we would not to talk about it so much, and it wouldn’t be so attacked as well. This operating system offers many possibilities, and therefore look at our offer of Android phones. We are sure that some of the 200 model will perfectly suit you.

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