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Facebook phone Facebook!? Hmm… What about it? Well, this word and everything it goes with it make a good news every time it’s talked about. This time it isn’t about new page design or something simmilar, already we are talking about Facebook phone – a real one. Tremendous for some and for some not as that much. Some of us can’t make through day without taking enough Facebook daily dose. But there are others, who don’t make so much attention to this and similar news coming from Facebook. So… if we agreed that we don’t agree (about Facebook phone) we should continue. Facebook isn’t any more satisfied with tons of applications on smartphones or even with some smartphones with dedicated Facebook hardware button. The big company wants to create its own smartphone and there is no arguing about that!



Facebook phone history


Facebook phone

Facebook phone history

We already mentioned few things about Facebook’s attempts to create smartphones specialized for their social network. That why we had phones like HTC Cha Cha or HTC Salsa. It seams that fusion of Facebook and HTC done some good things in past, and don’t be asking yourselves why now two companies are working together to bring to the public new product – a Facebook phone. If you ask anyway, the answer is HTC Myst. This is a name of new FB phone.





Facebook phone specs


Facebook phone

HTC will have honor to produce Facebook phone

We have some leaked informations about HTC Myst. According to it, new device on smarphone market will have large 4,3 screen with 720p quality of picture. Also, Facebook phone will ride thanks to 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor in line with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of data memory. The words whispering around told us that new Facebook phone will be missing microSD support, which is shame, but let’s wait for a while to see official specification. HTC Myst will be owner of two cameras (with 5.0 and 1.2 MP). Already now we are sure that secondary camera will have FB video chat function. All of this will be running on Jelly Bean version of Android OS.


Facebook phone sales


When it became real, Facebook phone will make its debut somewhere in USA. That’s something we could expect, especially because some US operators are very involved in creation of this unusual device. But, having in mind the expansionary nature of Facebook, the users of this social network will not have to wait for a long to get this thing in their hands.


Good or bad move from Facebook? Any sympathies for Facebook phone?



    • Celeste Young
    • 01/07/2013

    This sounds awesome!!!! Where do I get one?! 😀

      • 02/07/2013

      this device isn’t available yet, but when it becomes available, i’m pretty sure that we will have it in our offer!

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