What does your cell phone cover say about you?

How long did it take you to choose your mobile phone and what were your requirements? You probably wanted it to be smart and trendy, user friendly and highly technological. At the same time though, you might be a nostalgic of the old fashioned and very reliable ones. This could seem a little demanding, but mobile phones have become little by little a mirror of our lives: they allow us to surf on the net, take pictures in high quality (eventually turned vintage with apps like Instagram) and, did I mention it, make phone calls? All of this, everywhere. We carry our mobile phone with us 24/7, so it has sorta become an extension of our own body. That’s why we don’t want to take any risks and protect it from falling, from the sand and from the little hands of curious children buying a cell phone cover. Yet, our jewel just can’t wear any cover: it has to look cool and unique.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of the cell phone covers is the fairest at all?


In a range of thousands and thousands designs, from the monochromatic ones to the finest artworks of Van Gogh, it’s impossible not to find an appealing style.


But still, how about a one of a kind cover? You can easily make your own, personal, design. Want to try? Take a look at Fotoregali!


You can start from a basic layout and add your favorite pics or you can personalize it like a painter in front of a blank canvas, it’s up to your creativity!


cell phone cover

Personalize your cell phone cover the way you want

You just have to decide which image you want to show off. It might be your beloved pet, but also a picture of that one great day in which you got to meet your favorite singer. If you love your partner’s smile, why not find it in the middle of your purse? Or still, show proudly the logo of your football team, your baby’s first drawing, the places you love the most or, in case you’re self-confident enough, your own face, just to make clear who that cell phone belongs to. A cover is like an avatar: you decide your identity, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it!


cell phone cover

Cell phone cover – the perfect place for your dear beings photos


Feel like sharing the fun with the ones you love?


cell phone cover

Cell phone cover for iPhone 5

Show you really do know them by making a personalized gift. Easy as it is, you won’t have to look far for a bizarre and exotic thing to impress, you just have to think of the right cover to make your gift the most original one, just a click away.


cell phone cover

Cell phone cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

So don’t be standard and dare to show your personality, choose your brand new smartphone cover now on Fotoregali and let your style rock!


Source and photos: fotoregali.com




    • salma
    • 09/07/2013

    i like to make it for me picture on the back cover on my phone and my boyfriend phone to.

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