Nokia Normandy as Nokia Android

In order to develop the new phone, about which not much is known, Nokia done one extremely unusual step. The phone was given the code name Normandy, although it has been tested under different names. Nokia Normandy, or whatever you want to call this phone, is designed as the next step in the development of low-cost models of this great and legendary manufacturer from Finland. Just that isn’t particularly interesting, but, listen to this. Nokia Normandy was tested with a special kind of Android operating system! Like a knife in the butter. Ok, this Android isn’t very similar to the one that Google develops and sells, but it’s similar to what Amazon is working on with its Kindle line of devices.

Nokia Normandy design and features

The photo clearly shows that Nokia Normandy has no capacitive buttons for navigation through the menu. However, despite this, the phone supports some Android applications (Skype for instance).

Nokia Normandy 1


Nokia Normandy future

You must be wondering how is it possible that Nokia is working on the development of Android phones in addition to Microsoft’s plans to take over the operations of the Finnish company? We are not sure, but it is possible that the Nokia Normandy was developed before Microsoft decided to step into the mobile device market. The question is whether Nokia will launch this phone before Microsoft finalizes takeover of “connecting people” company.

Nokia Normandy 2

Unofficial sources say that Nokia Normandy was improvement project budget of Asha models, which are not able to realize the full potential due to lack of flexibility in Series 40 operating system. Nokia Normandy was planned for 2014, but we’ll wait and see what happens.





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