Google + Motorola is coming

Actually, it’s already in USA. Government of USA approved the purchase of Motorola by Google, so US market is ready. Next in the line is Europe, and now everybody are waiting for commission of European Union. Decision should be declared on Monday, but it’s not sure what will be the decision. It’s interesting that after petition citizens of EU were against merging these two companies, and it should be more deeply investigate the reasons of this purchase.

Google and Motorola

Google made announcement couple days ago were they want to explain the reasons of their act, and it’s all about patents that Motorola has. With these licenses, Google and Motorola can win in some law suits, now and in the future. Basically, it’s all about licenses.


It’s expected from EU to accept and confirm the legal right of purchase Google and Motorola, but race is still not finished here. There is China, Taiwan and Israel to confirm the same process and only then it will be completed.



    • Adriana
    • 25/02/2012

    thanks for share!

      • Mily
      • 04/08/2012

      Hey,I installed Wikitude on my i8910 with hxv5 cusotm firmware.Installed fine, takes a while to start, but seems to work.Only thing I cannot get GPS fix (althou I am logged to Sattelites according to the my position app. The GPS indicator stays red and the information on landmarks is wrong (wrong distance, wrong angle etc.)Anyone else experiencing trouble with GPS lock?

        • mobshop
        • 16/08/2012

        If anyone had some similar experience and has a solution for Mily’s problem, feel free to share and we will approve the comment..Bye

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