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The latest Samsung’s flagship could be the fastest bestseller ever. According to the info from the market, Samsung hit the magic 10 million shipped Galaxy S5 smartphones in just 25 days of sale. Basically, that means Galaxy S5 has overtaken the crown from its predecessor Galaxy S4, which has reached 10 million shipped units for 27 days. How fast the things are changing we can illustrate by the time Galaxy S3 needed to achieve the 10 mill. At the time Galaxy S3 was entering the markets world wide, this device needed 50 days to hit this number, or twice as much as the new recorder. At this point sounds funny to hear that Galaxy S2 was looking for 10th mill for five months, and the original Galaxy S long seven months! (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 shipping delay

11th April continues to be the date when the new Samsung Galaxy S5 should go to the official sale. However, there has been speculations that in some markets Samsung could start selling its new leading smartphone even before. It is planned that during the first half of April, Samsung Galaxy S5 goes to 150 countries around the world. However, some countries such as Malaysia, announced that new Galaxy goes in sales by the end of March. And while everyone is waiting for Galaxy S5 to come in their country, we received new information indicating that the sell of this great device may be delayed. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 at Oscar awards

Samsung Galaxy S5 Oscar 1During yesterday American Film Academy awards we could see plenty of good humor and celebrities of course. While one group of people still talks about how once again Oscar slipped  through the Leonardo DiCaprio’s hands, the other half of population is occupied by selfie which was made by the event host Ellen DeGeneres. This 56-year-old comedian entertained the movie stars during the whole night. Beside she was pretty cool, thanks to well-known faces (for sure the most popular) her selfie simply burned the Twitter, since it had 2 million of retweets and that number continues to grow. So, Ellen is now a new queen of Twitter, since she managed to beat the U.S. President Barack Obama 2012 presidential campaign tweet, which had nearly 780,000 retweets. However, the reason for celebration beside Ellen has Samsung which sponsored the Oscars ceremony. Korean company during the show released a commercial for the latest Galaxy S5 and the selfie was made by another Samsung’s device – Galaxy Note 3.


Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and release

Ladies and gentlemen, Samsung Galaxy S5 is here! This is a phone that is a so long awaited and now it’s released. The new flagship from Samsung is presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Its goal is clear. To beat the monstrously good success of its predecessor. Galaxy S5 looks familiar and brings an established feel of the South Korean manufacturer. Two generations of the popular phone look very similar, but the upgrades are here, and that’s a sign that Samsung was quite busy preparing new champion. (more…)

Galaxy S5 rumors

There’s less than a week until the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, which will hosts one of the future stars – the new Samsung Galaxy S5. On the event called Samsung Unpacked 5 should appear phone which is expected to take over the world top and proudly replace the current Samsung Galaxy S4. Since time is running out, more and more rumors about is coming to us saying what Galaxy S5 could offer. Some previous talks pointed us to the metal body, fantastic display, battery rapid charging and its price. Now we have a new story, which will in a few days either be confirmed or forgotten as irrelevant. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery rapid charging

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of those phones that we waited over the year. Since its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4 appeared, we’re in anticipation of the successor. In two or three months we will finally find out what the Samsung Galaxy S5 is really made of. This smartphone should be the best model when it gets to the customers. Therefore, expectations are a bit high. (more…)

Galaxy S5 details

About a month and a half  ago we collected some information that Samsung is preparing a surprise for this year. The Korean manufacturer is preparing several smartphones for 2014 with a screen that will have extremely high pixel density. In particular, it is mentioned that the „smaller” screens (of about 5 inches) will be equipped with 560 pixels per inch screen, which should provide them with a fantastic resolution of 2560×1440 pixels! (more…)

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