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iPhone 5S features

Who has had the good luck to attend the event, which Apple organized a few days ago in California, was able to see two great things. The first is of course the new iPhone 5S and another one is the first cheap iPhone in the history. It is of course the iPhone 5C. Apple has for the first time in one place combined powerful 64-bit high-end device and phone that will be offered in the US with contract for 99 dollars. New iPhone 5S, as expected, got “S” because of the traditional naming schemes promoted by Apple. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Review by TechYouNMe

The word on the road, even before Apple purchased biometric security firm AuthenTec, was that successive iPhone could have a fingerprint scanner. September 10th 2013 is the date when, in keeping with the sources, Apple goes to launch its next iPhone 5S. It is progressing to be one amongst the foremost anticipated school launch of the year, thus what’s progressing to be the new options of the new iPhone 5s.

Read below to search out what in keeping with the sources goes to be the new options of apple iPhone 5 S. (more…)

iPhone 5S specs

iPhone 5S The next iPhone generation is just few steps from us. Some rumors we’d picked earlier are pointing out that Apple will show its new flagship smartphone at 10th September. Also, we heard that iPhone 5S will be rolling out the shop’s shelves already in January next year. The new iPhone is expected to bring the biggest changes ever seen. The gap between the iPhone generations is always filled up with great expectations, but in several occasions Apple has managed to disappoint fans. We are convinced that this time will be different. One more reason for that is that Apple is preparing for the first time to show low-cost version of this popular smartphone. (more…)

iPhone 5S release date

iphone 5s

iphone 5s release date

What about iPhone 5S? When it will come? iPhone 5S rumors are here. Actually they are here all the time, but now days it seems we have first so-called confirmations about iPhone 5S release date. Most likely it will be somewhere in August, according to sources close to the company top. Of course that doesn’t have to be 100% correct, but it has some weight of course.


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