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Goodbye Lumia

When you heard the word ‘Lumia’ what is the first thing that pops your mind? Let us guess: long-lasting battery, reliability, Windows OS? Many adjectives can be related to performances of Lumia brand. But, where is Lumia now? Is this colorful and cheerful phone family really gone for good?


What is wireless charging and how it works?

Wireless charging is one of the biggest and most exciting themes in the world, ever since Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We can use this technology for all types of electronic devices, appliances, public spaces and vehicles. Some smartphones and their accessories already have wireless charging built in. Many manufacturing companies, such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola and Nokia are trying to implement this technology, as well.


What is going on in Nokia smartphones?

As you probably know, three years ago, Microsft has bought Nokia smartphones division for approximately 7 billion dollars. We have seen a few Nokia smartphones since that moment under the Lumia branding and they were not anywhere near success and fame that Nokia mobile phones used to have in the 2000s. Is Nokia ready to deliver some new smartphones to do the world in 2016? Let’s find out.


Nokia changes name to Microsoft Mobile

If you haven’t ever used Nokia phone, you’re probably not from the planet Earth. Maybe Superman or some other superhero has had that misfortune to use some other communication devices instead of indestructible Nokia. Even Chuck Norris couldn’t do any harm to this really reliable phones. This brand stands for the one of the most influential in the world. That’s not just a coincident. The quality that Nokia implemented in their phones doesn’t fade over all these years. On the contrary, it seems that Nokia is still the most beloved brand within the mobile phone users. (more…)

Nokia sold to Microsoft

Yesterday was a big day and pretty much shocking for the mobile industry. Two major companies have decided to change their developing paths. Microsoft decided to buy Nokia. As expected the news ringed around the world. For many, this news was a surprise, but we could anticipate something similar from earlier happenings. Nokia has already spent several years in business issues and was definitely looking for a way out of this situation. On the other hand, Microsoft was looking for a space in the fast-growing mobile market and the deal closed. (more…)

Nokia Asha 300 review – Master of classic phones

Nokia Asha 300

Nokia is trying to stay on its base, giving us model which is presenting definition of Nokia models – classical design. Nokia Asha 300 is something that you would expect from Finnish company, numerical keypad with modern functions like touchscreen and 3G connection. Asha 300 is presented in autumn of 2011, and we can say that this model already built the reputation on the market. (more…)

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