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Symbian goes into history


symbianThis year earlier we have written about the Nokia 808 PureView as a true successor to the successful tradition of making a serious camera phone from Nokia. Now we have a new message arrived which says that this phone is the last to feature the Symbian operating system. So, Nokia says goodbye to the Symbian audience all over the world. This platform, which was once regarded as the most popular in the world, goes to a well deserved retirement and gives its place to some younger platforms, such as Android and iOS. (more…)

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type – review

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is interesting phone from Nokia released in 2010. In year 2012 this is still interesting phone, which can respond to competition and many modern models. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type combines old school and new wave: numerical keypad and touch screen.


Nokia 700 – in top form

There is simple vision in Nokia: there will be no customer who can’t find type of Nokia phone that suits him. They have wide range of different types, prices, colors or size of mobile phone. As we can judge by users and blog community, Nokia can proudly present model that has extraordinary performances and acceptable price for this class. We present you Nokia 700 that in very short time get a lot of attention. (more…)

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