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Are there Really Waterproof Smartphones Out There?, 29 Oct 15

We have made an investigation to find out are there really waterproof smartphones out there and can we really make underwater videos and pics by using them.


New Technologies

Smartphone Display Technology, 17 Aug 15

We will present you with the standard smartphone display technologies and explain what are their good and not so good sides. And we will keep it simple



Coolest Smartphones in 2015, so far, 13 Jul 15

In this review we will remind you of the great smartphones that we have seen in 2015, so far. The best smartphones are yet to come, so stay tuned!



Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9: Design, 15 Apr 15

You are still wondering whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 has better design than HTC One M9 or it is vice versa? Both, Samsung and HTC released two flagship smartphones on the Mobile World Congress, 2015 and we decided to compare the design of these two devices.


Best Gift For Valentine’s Day- Pink Smartphone!, 05 Feb 15

Many of you might have had trouble finding a pink smartphone! Embrace yourself because we will present you the best pink devices on the planet- The best gift for Valentine’s Day!

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