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Essential Phone - another false promise?, 05. 06. 2018

Essential Phone is old news, but it just got hot in the last few days because we continually see reports of company failure.



New Android P Brings “Digital Wellbeing” Initiative to your Smartphone, 21. 05. 2018

We have some great news. Today, we will talk about “Digital Wellbeing” initiative and how Android P address it. Now our phones can help us live richer lives



5 Reasons for Getting New Samsung Galaxy S9, 01. 03. 2018

What are the new and exciting things that we can find on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and why should you decide to get yourself this smartphone? Let's find out



2017 Recap: all the phones, apps and trends we loved this year, 01. 01. 2018

With the first day of New year, we know it’s time for one thing - 2017 recap that includes all the phones, apps and trends we enjoyed in the past year.



New trends: Whole-display phones, 22. 12. 2017

2017 was the year of whole-display phones. Samsung, LG, Apple, and others gave us something we didn’t even think we want - edge-to-edge screens

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