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Brief history of iOS - all the Things that you Should Know, 15/11/2017

Our brief list of iOS features every iOS Apple has ever made. Some of them we loved, some of them not so much. Still, iOS is in our hearts.



The Best of Motorola, so far, 30/10/2017

Motorola has different lines - E, Z, X and it is hard to tell which is the right for you. This is why we're here - to help you find the right Moto phone!


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iPhone 8 Vs. iPhone X, 17/10/2017

On September 12th, at theAppleEvent 2017 in San Francisco, Apple has introduced to us three new iPhones - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. iPhone 8 is a natural iteration of iPhone series, while the iPhone X is a tribute to the tenth year



Why should you Choose Android for your Mobile OS?, 30/08/2017

If you are on board with Team Android, we present you few arguments you can use to convince anyone that Android is the mobile OS they should choose.



Best phones in 2017, so far and why we love them?, 22/08/2017

Which are the best phones in 2017, so far? which of them have the best performance and why are they so specific? We have the answer, so let's find out!

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