Nokia changes name to Microsoft Mobile


According to internal Microsoft's document, the end of April is the final term until when Nokia will be Nokia. After then, Nokia becomes Microsoft Mobile.


Nokia 225 price known


Nokia 225 is producing in five colors (red, yellow , green, black and white) and at first glance seems really tempting. Nokia 225 price and specs details.


Nokia X released


Nokia X is a fresh proof that the Finnish company has never stopped experimenting with Android. Nokia X uses a remade Android that looks like Windows Phone.


Lumia 1520 mini


Lumia 1520 mini has much smaller display of 4.3 inches. This is compared to 6 inches noticeably less, but also quite practical. Lumia 1520 mini first info.


Nokia Normandy as Nokia Android


Unofficial sources say that Nokia works on Nokia Normandy - improvement budget project of Asha models. Read all about Nokia's Android potential smartphone.

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