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What is going on in Nokia smartphones?

As you probably know, three years ago, Microsft has bought Nokia smartphones division for approximately 7 billion dollars. We have seen a few Nokia smartphones since that moment under the Lumia branding and they were not anywhere near success and fame that Nokia mobile phones used to have in the 2000s. Is Nokia ready to deliver some new smartphones to do the world in 2016? Let’s find out.


Microsoft decided to change its status on the market. We know that Microsoft released some low ranged smartphones on the market like Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. But that is not all! Microsoft decided to release a smartphone that will be the most affordable Windows smartphone in the world. The device named Microsoft Lumia 430 will cost 70 dollars, over 60 euros (the beginning price). We are sure this will be a smartphone that will have the smallest price range ever.

Lumia 430 side.jpg (more…)

Nokia changes name to Microsoft Mobile

If you haven’t ever used Nokia phone, you’re probably not from the planet Earth. Maybe Superman or some other superhero has had that misfortune to use some other communication devices instead of indestructible Nokia. Even Chuck Norris couldn’t do any harm to this really reliable phones. This brand stands for the one of the most influential in the world. That’s not just a coincident. The quality that Nokia implemented in their phones doesn’t fade over all these years. On the contrary, it seems that Nokia is still the most beloved brand within the mobile phone users. (more…)

Nokia 225 price known

Nokia design and quality are well-known to all of us. Durability of this phones has been confirmed many times. It’s interesting and applaudable that the Finnish manufacturer doesn’t apply this recipe only on the higher price range devices. On the contrary, every Nokia phone is a pleasure for the user. Nokia 225 is no exception. This is the latest dual SIM model with Series 30 + operating system that is coming on the market soon. (more…)

Nokia X released

Nokia X is here. This phone which we were curious to see had its premiere at the World Mobile Congress which started in Barcelona. Nokia, which has been pushing Windows Phone, and which works under the supervision of Microsoft, seems, is not giving up and continue to push by its own way. This Nokia Android phone was a central theme of many discussions in the past days. It’s interesting that Nokia is already ready to work on the development of the entire Nokia X series, and there are possible future models like Nokia X + and Nokia XL. Beside it is based on Android OS, Nokia X brings a very affordable price. The first information from Barcelona says that the Nokia X will start at 89 euros Europe.   (more…)

Lumia 1520 mini

If you are wondering who on earth can use a 6-inch phone, the right, and probably the only possible answer is the one who really loves or who really “needs“ a thing like that. I’m sure you already have realized we are talking about Nokia Lumia 1520, a phablet which got very good marks in the market. (more…)

Nokia Normandy as Nokia Android

In order to develop the new phone, about which not much is known, Nokia done one extremely unusual step. The phone was given the code name Normandy, although it has been tested under different names. Nokia Normandy, or whatever you want to call this phone, is designed as the next step in the development of low-cost models of this great and legendary manufacturer from Finland. Just that isn’t particularly interesting, but, listen to this. Nokia Normandy was tested with a special kind of Android operating system! Like a knife in the butter. Ok, this Android isn’t very similar to the one that Google develops and sells, but it’s similar to what Amazon is working on with its Kindle line of devices. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 1020 specs

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 is already called Nokia with 41 million of pixels. Several days ago this long waiting smartphone has been officially presented at the big event organized by Nokia in New York. This camera-phone is coming as the successor of PureView 808 a Symbian model that had build the base for creating the device like this one. As it was expected, Nokia Lumia 1020 will be operating on Windows Phone 8 platform and it is coming to us with the best camera ever seen on one smartphone. That’s why this is sometimes a camera and sometimes a phone.


Lumia 928 news

lumia 928

There is one more story about desirable Nokia Lumia 928. Some time before we were writing about first details of this smartphone, which should be a real heal to Nokia’s wounds. It seems that Nokia putted all its best into this model. And we know why it’s so. Finish manufacturer wants to compete with tough competitors – Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. The main reason for this kind of Nokia’s behavior is that Lumia 928 has a great camera, which is obviously from the video below. That camera should be significantly better that the ones from the mentioned competitors. Especially when it comes to low light situations. (more…)

Lumia 928 specs

Nokia Lumia 928

It seems that the powerful Nokia Lumia 920 gets its successor. If you are fans of this and other models from Lumia series, then this is good news for you. Some time ago, Nokia has made the public announcement of the mid-range smartphone with the name Lumia 720, and now the series of new smartphones got a new high-end phone – Nokia Lumia 928. This means that Nokia has seriously preparing for a fierce fight against competitors. The targets are certainly Android and iOS. What are the chances for success of the new Nokia Lumia 928? Who knows? It remains to be seen. (more…)

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