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Short Smartphone Photography Course, 29/06/2017

It seems that it takes something more than just shooting the button at the right moment and using the correct filters to get an excellent picture.



10 Calorie Counting Apps that will Help you Get Fit this Summer, 15/06/2017

Here are 10 great apps that will help you tone your body to supremacy this summer! Pick the one which is best for you and enjoy the flavors of summer!



What is happening with BlackBerry?, 31/05/2017

What can we expect from BlackBerry who used to be the biggest smartphone maker in the world? What is happening now, after 14 years of producing handsets?



How Can we Use VR Glasses?, 27/04/2017

Different industries around the world have discovered entirely new purposes for VR glasses. Here come few answers to a question how can we use VR glasses?



What is 5G and When Can we Expect it?, 12/04/2017

5G brings significant divergence to our lives and a new way of connectivity. The entire world is excited about it. Let's see what will 5G change?

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